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Going GREEN - SoundCloud 'Question' badge (for red badges only) ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 ) (137)

So, a small number of brave souls have broken through the SoundCloud barrier, and restored their red. Now let's start turning this new skillset into something that is going to help everyone... :slight_smile: For your…

The '5 Minutes' Test - recordings ( 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 ) (436)

So, if you've noticed that your speech bubble has gone an (elegant) salmon pink kind of colour... Don't worry, entirely my fault! And all according to plan...:wink: To get it back to a bright shiny red, just post a…

How to post in 'Speaking Practice' ( 2 3 ) (40)

I think it will be very helpful in here if we have a standard pattern for titles - to help people look for the kind of practice they need most. How about this: Decide if your question is SIMPLE or not. If it is, put…

Going from GREEN to BLUE ( 2 ) (24)

Some of you are now sporting a rather elegant BLUE on your badges - yes, for those brave early adopters, you just got a colour shift without needing to do anything extra... :slight_smile: But why? Because you ANSWERE…

Pink, red, green, blue and beyond... what do they mean? (15)

You've seen a coloured tag on someone's post, and you're wondering what it's all about... So here's the deal... You have to start with PINK. If they have a PINK badge, it's because they've said out loud a set of se…

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