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2019 Tresaith Bwtcamp July 20-27 - Sold Out


Hi, tried to book the last remaining/cancellation place on the link, but it says its fully booked. Has the place already gone?


It looks like it, but there is still a place in June if you could make that one.


Bronwen, can’t help with rides, but I will be hoping to spend a day at the Eistedfodd also. By chance I am going with my extended family to Harlech for a week, an hour south of there, so maybe we will see each other there too!


I was just thinking the same so came on slack to see if I’d been missing anything!


I’m looking forward to meeting you, Clare.


What a pity this is sold out! As a supply teacher, it’s a gamble signing up for something that might interfere with work that I cannot book off, not sports to miss out on. Please let me know if any other school holiday dates become available. Obviously, I still need to organise childcare etc but still best option for me I think x


Hi Iestyn! I’ve just realised I’ve not received any emails since having received confirmation of the bwtcamp - either that or they’ve been in my spam folder and I’ve not seen them. Just to confirm I think I’m on the list of those going? Booking conf. is VR4WR. Thanks!


Shw mae, Chris? Yes, you are on the list. You should have received an email with a bit of information and some questions to answer here, but some spam filters appear to destroy my emails for some reason, so if you haven;t received that one I’ll have to resend it.

There will be another email with joiing instructions and more detailed info (given and requested) coming out in a couple of weeks’ time.


if you could resend that would be great, sorry to be a fuss!


I haven’t received any emails since signing up either. Can you send them to me too. Thanks


I’ve resent emails to both of you, Chris and Katherine. If they don;t turn up this time, could you let me know?




Shwmae! I’m Jon. Sorry for my late posting on here. I’m not sure where all the time has gone since I signed up for bootcamp, but as it’s less than a month away now, I thought I’d better catch up.

I live in Lancashire, near Blackpool. I grew up further north in Cumbria. I started learning Welsh about five years ago as it was an optional module on an MA in Celtic Studies I was doing part-time. I soon discovered the wonders of SSiW and took part in a fantastic bootcamp at Tresaith in 2015. I haven’t really progressed my Welsh much since then as I keep getting distracted by trying to learn other languages (and by life in general), but I know that the bootcamp will help remind me why I need to learn more Welsh.

My main interest in my spare time is writing (I know Aziz @edmund-dixon who is also taking part in this bootcamp from poetry workshops in Manchester). I also spend a lot of time running (though not very quickly).

I’m very much looking forward to meeting you all and sharing the whole bootcamp experience with you :smile:

Pob hwyl,



Hi all,
Also a bit late to this! I’m Chris and I’m originally from Merthyr Tydfil but have lived in Cardiff for the past 8 years since university. I’ve wanted to learn Welsh properly since starting work, one of the first jobs I had was reading papers for a press clippings company, and one of my jobs was having to learn some keywords in Welsh in order to send on to our clients (this meant skimming over a lot of welsh language news but also papurau bro!). It’s sort of evolved from then, I then wanted to get into it to help my professional career - but now I’ve started I’ve had so much fun I just want to keep going!
In terms of hobbies my main interests are probably film and tv, bit of music splashed on the side - love attending gigs and have quite a few coming up in the next week! (Enjoyed my first Tafwyl last weekend, too!). In terms of activities…well I enjoy walking around Roath Park to clear my head, never fails!
Very much looking forward to the bwtcamp and meeting everyone :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!

I hope it’s not too early to start asking about travel. Would anyone driving from Cardiff-way/the south be willing to give lifts for petrol money?

I’m getting more excited about Bwtcamp as it approaches and nervous too! I’ve not been speaking as much recently - moving to Cardiff absorbed all my time and energy! - so I’m going to blitz some vocab podcasts and find some new meetups to get rid of that rust.


Hi Laura

I’m heading up from Haverfordwest if that’s any help. I could pick you up from the train station if there’s no better offers :slight_smile:

I’m feeling the excitement/nerves too! Worried my Welsh won’t be as good as anyone elses but then I guess I’ll learn the most?!?


Hi Sophie, that’s the right attitude to go with. You will have an amazing time. No one is there to judge your Welsh but to coax everything you have learned out of you with ease.
I went 18 months ago to a a bwtcamp in Tresaith and am still jealous when other people go again. I would like to attend another just for the no English for a week experience but would hate to deprive someone from the life changing experience. I may catch you one night in Cyd-hwlfirdd in the yeoman in Harford and we can compare experiences.
Enjoy. :sunglasses:


Hi Iestyn,
I received an email when i signed up for bwtcamp but nothing since. I’m travelling from the US to family back in the UK and leaving this week. Can you send out anything more we need to know so I can pack accordingly? Otherwise I’ll just guess which is fine too.


Shwmae fellow Bwtcampers!

My name is Susanna. I’m originally from Düsseldorf but have been living in Berlin for almost two years now.

I started learning Welsh in 2016 after watching the film Pride (before that, I didn’t even know the language existed…). Back then there were times when I did 6-7 lessons a day but now studying medicine kind of gets in the way sometimes.

This is my second Bwtcamp, my first was in 2017, but since then I’ve only spoken Welsh once or twice unfortunately as it’s very hard to find Welsh speakers in Berlin.

I’m looking forward to meeting you all!


Prynhawn da, Fwtcampwyr!

Less than two weeks to go (that’s to get you excited, not scared…)

I have just sent out ‘joining instructions’ via email to all o0f you. If you haven’t received them yet, please let me know. They are ‘multiple BCC’ and have a couple of links in, so your spam filter may reject them. I can easily send though, so just holler here.



Hey Bwtcampers!
I won’t be able to bring bedding, could someone help me out with that? Diolch! :slight_smile: