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2019 Tresaith Bwtcamp July 20-27 - Sold Out


Hi all,

With less than a fortnight to go I thought I’d better get round to doing my intro bit. I’m Vikta and live in Basingstoke but am originally from London. I started learning Welsh last year on the 6 month course and have enjoyed it so much my other half has said he’s thinking about learning too. A lot of my spare time is spent playing either the bassoon or the bagpipes, and I enjoy walking and cycling (although I never got the hang of cycling up hills).

I’m really looking forward meeting everyone and seeing how much English I can forget in a week.


Bagpipes? Please, please, PLEASE bring them!

Looking forward to seeing you all!

And don’t worry @Susa1999 - we can sort out a set for you.


I’ll be traveling from Machynlleth and wondering if anyone could pick me up. Otherwise dim problem – I’ll travel by bws.


Diolch Iestyn!


Hope no one’s getting married at bwtcamp.


Sut mae Iestyn?

Dw i yn Trefdraeth ar hyn o bryd tan 25ed Gorffenaf. Byddai’n neis iawn cwrdd â chi a Cat yn ystod y bwtcamp sy’n dod os byddai’n bosib. Beth yw y raglen? Falle gaf i helpu gyda rhywbeth? Ydi Roz yn dal i dy helpu? Sa i’n gwybod ei rhif ffôn newydd.

David Richards


Hey Susa, Croeso’n ol i Gymru. Welcome back to Wales.


:blush: :two_hearts: :slight_smile:


I notice Y Dyffryn Arms has reopened :wink: