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2019 Tresaith Bwtcamp July 20-27 - Sold Out


Hi all,

With less than a fortnight to go I thought I’d better get round to doing my intro bit. I’m Vikta and live in Basingstoke but am originally from London. I started learning Welsh last year on the 6 month course and have enjoyed it so much my other half has said he’s thinking about learning too. A lot of my spare time is spent playing either the bassoon or the bagpipes, and I enjoy walking and cycling (although I never got the hang of cycling up hills).

I’m really looking forward meeting everyone and seeing how much English I can forget in a week.


Bagpipes? Please, please, PLEASE bring them!

Looking forward to seeing you all!

And don’t worry @Susa1999 - we can sort out a set for you.


I’ll be traveling from Machynlleth and wondering if anyone could pick me up. Otherwise dim problem – I’ll travel by bws.


Diolch Iestyn!


Hope no one’s getting married at bwtcamp.


Sut mae Iestyn?

Dw i yn Trefdraeth ar hyn o bryd tan 25ed Gorffenaf. Byddai’n neis iawn cwrdd â chi a Cat yn ystod y bwtcamp sy’n dod os byddai’n bosib. Beth yw y raglen? Falle gaf i helpu gyda rhywbeth? Ydi Roz yn dal i dy helpu? Sa i’n gwybod ei rhif ffôn newydd.

David Richards


Hey Susa, Croeso’n ol i Gymru. Welcome back to Wales.


:blush: :two_hearts: :slight_smile:


I notice Y Dyffryn Arms has reopened :wink:


I’m back now in very rainy Lancashire after a fantastic bootcamp experience in Tresaith. I really enjoyed my first bootcamp back in 2015 but this was something very special indeed. We were blessed with great weather for most of the time and did such a huge range of different things through the week. Highlights for me were the walk along the coastal path from Llangrannog back to Tresaith and the visit to Castell Henllys with a great guided tour (completely in Cymraeg of course). There’s so much else that was fantastic e.g the Noson Lawen which included Vikta’s amazing bagpipe playing on the path above the beach, and hearty Welsh singing in the pub. Huge, huge thanks to @Iestyn @Deborah-SSiW @nia.llywelyn for the organisation and inspiration. And massive thanks too to all my fellow bootcampers - what an amazing bunch of people! I feel honoured to have met you all. I am sure we all feel that we’ve made big advances in our Welsh speaking. I stopped just outside Y Bala on the way back and visited the Mary Jones museum and had a great chat with the staff there in Welsh about the bootcamp and lots else - it seemed so natural to be speaking ‘dim ond Cymraeg’. I do hope we can all stay in touch through our WhatsApp group and meet up soon again - hopefully at another bootcamp. If anyone’s in doubt about whether or not to try ‘bwtcamp’, I’d say don’t hesitate to sign up as soon as you can. Pob hwyl!


Amazing time had by all. People from ages 20 - 70 all getting on together yn Gymraeg! Highly recommended to everyone who is thinking about it - just go for it - you won’t regret it. Thanks Iestyn (and they are a real handful :joy:) thanks Dee and Nia and of course fellow bŵtcampers and all the Welsh speaking people we met along the way. I will always remember the cheese factory! :wink: good luck/Pob hwyl to all future bŵtcampers! Sorry Iestyn/Dee but I will be back! :ghost:


Bwtcamp was a fabulous, challenging, enjoyable, fun, brain-fizzing, and - did I mention fun? - yes, a wonderful week. I’d do it again sometime in the future, and highly recommend it to others. There were a lot of interesting activities with opportunities to siarad Cymraeg out in the “wild”, hearty singing, a bit of drinking :blush: and a lot of :rofl:. Tresaith is very lovely, and I’ll remember the walks, chardonnay while watching the sun set, big skies and fresh air. My fellow bwtcampers were really great - we all had good rapport from the start. Special thanks to Iestyn, Dee and Nia, and to Iestyn’s wonderful family (wife Cat and lovely children).


I’ve just about adjusted back to normal life after the wonderful week in Tresaith! :smile: :heart: - though I am still waking in the night having imaginary conversations in Welsh (to my husband’s annoyance!)

I loved Bwtcamp! So much hwyl in a beautiful setting. It was great getting to know some brilliant new friends while experiencing the Welsh language, culture and… cheese!! I have gone from having to psych myself up for twenty minutes before talking to someone in Welsh to having absolutely no reservations to starting a chat. I have gained so much confidence - well, except for when it comes to saying something is frozen :confused:

So many wonderful memories. Big thanks to @Deborah-SSiW @Iestyn and @nia.llywelyn for their hard work and patience. It was a week none of us will forget!