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2019 Tresaith Bwtcamp June 22-29 - **Last minute space available**


Oh yes, and while I’m here, there is still one place available on the June Bwtcamp, so if anyone is looking to take that next giant step towards being a Welsh speaker, now is your chance! Go to

Bwtcamp in school holidays?

Hello, I’ve just booked myself onto the June Bwtcamp. :slight_smile: My name is Heather and I’ve been learning Welsh for about four years. I was born in Canada but I moved to Tywyn, Gwynedd five years ago with my French-Italian husband to be closer to my parents who retired here. I have a great passion for all languages and although I’m more familiar with Cymraeg y Gogledd, I’m excited to learn a few southern terms as well. :wink: Edrych ymlaen at eich cyfarfod chi i gyd!


@Iestyn Should I have received an email from you with joining instructions? I can’t see anything in my spam box…


Hiya bawb!

Dyma’r erthygl dw i wedi sgwennu am Bootcamp. Gobeithio bod chi’n ei fwynhau.

Say Something in Welsh Bootcamp in Tresaith – Diary of my experience

Diolch eto am y profiad anhygoel and wela i chi cyn bo hir!

Heather x

@dee @Iestyn


I really enjoyed reading about your bwtcamp adventure Heather, @heatherbroster it sounds action packed and such a good experience. Will there be a follow up post Bwtcamp diary from you? Diolch.


Diolch, Tricia. I might post a follow-up at some point but I haven’t yet decided. Are you thinking of signing up for Bootcamp?


Ive heard they do a luxury Northern bwtcamp :wink: suitable for the more mature. If you’re active I think the one you did sounds super and a very positive experience.


Ffantastic Heather! I really enjoyed reading and re-living bwtcamp moments. I hope it’s not too long before we meet up again.


I’m sure there will be another chance soon. Perhaps Gwlad y Basg? :wink:


I’m 74, overwieght and far from active and have survived (even enjoyed) a number of Tresaith bootcamps. If you can negotiate the steps from the Ship to the Canolfan, you’ve passed “the physical” :smile:


I know Gerald mid eighties attended the May bwtcamp and took his Elvis wig😎


I know all the Bwtcamps are already fully booked but is there a waiting list for next year and can i add my name please?


There is still another bwtcamp this year - in September - and we haven’t started taking bookings for that one yet. We publicise the date when bookings will open well in advance, both here on the forum and in the weekly newsletter, so you’ll know when that’s coming up.

If you’re coming from somewhere quite a distance overseas, e.g. Australia or the US, and need to book flights well in advance, let Iestyn know and consideration can be given to that.


I work at a FE college and we can’t have annual leave during September otherwise I would book. I’ll just wait for next year.


Hi @dee and @Iestyn, I’m one of the many who would love to go to the September bwtcamp. Please publicise dates as soon as you can, I’ really appreciate that as whilst I don’t need to book flights in advance the nature of my work is that I have to book customer appointments several weeks / months in advance. I know I can’t do the week of 23 to 27th September already. I’d book the week off work as holiday then cancel it if I didn’t get a place :grinning:


The dates have been announced here: 2019 September Tresaith Bwtcamp dates (last of the year)


Thank you @Dee!