2019 Tresaith Bwtcamp May 11-18 : Sold Out!


Thanks Margaret, I’m really looking forward to it!


So sorry you missed out. :disappointed_relieved: I think you have to let Iestyn know if you are interested in a cancellation, in case someone drops out.

I am not sure but thought I read something about July or June for the next one. Don’t quote me on that though. Good luck!


Congratulations to those of you who got into this Bwtcamp and commiserations to those who didn’t, but it’s looking pretty likely that we’ll have another Bwtcamp in June :sunglasses:


No I don’t think so Jules. It had reduced to 9 places before the site opened at 9pm.


Thanks for that. I’d definitely still be interested in May if there is a cancellation but failing that June should be OK for me if there’s one then


I’d still be interested if there’s a cancellation. Will you post it on the forum if that happens?


Yes. So far @cenninbach and @HelenB have noted that they missed out, so if a vacancy opens I will message you both first before making a general announcement.

I need to confirm a new date with Tresaith, but I’ll open a new thread this week with a June date, I hope.

BTW for people lucky enough to make the May week, you’ll have the sspecial honour / pleasure / endurance test of a birthday tea with my oldest boy who will be 12 on the Tuesday.


Great! Thanks!


Bore da Bwtcampers!

You will all receive emails today which includes a couple of questions to start us off. Here are my answers:

My name is Iestyn, and I live with my wife Cat and our 4 (is it only 4?) children in Llandysul, Ceredigion. I was brought up in Gilfach Fargod, in the Rhymney Valley.

I want to speak Welsh because it is my first and native language, the language of my Welsh ancestors, and because my kids would find it a bit weird if I started speaking English with them…

I love singing. I’ve always sung to the kids since they were babies, and I was in a choir before the pressures of being a dad ate into that too much and I decided to give it a miss for a while.

One of my favourite things to do is to get up early (before 6 most mornings) and do an hour or more of stuff before anyone else turns up in my life. The world is particularly beautiful first thing in the morning, and when everyone else is asleep you can get so much done!

I’m looking forward to meeting you all - on the forum to start with, and “in the (Welsh speaking) flesh” very very soon!



Shumae, I’m Meirion. I live with my wife Kate (and about half the time with our grown-up daughter Carys) in Greenwich. I started learning Welsh at the London Welsh Centre one night a week in September and I’m up to Challenge 14 on the SSIW level 1. The Centre is about 100 yards from where I’m working so there wasn’t any excuse for putting off learning Welsh any more. I usually swim before work so I’ll bring my wetsuit and hope for good weather and a better view than I get in the Corporation Baths in Trafalgar Rd. If I see a raven fly overhead or a gannet swooping over the sea it’ll make my day.

Look forward to seeing you all in May.



I’m sure I wrote Shwmae - bloody auto correct keeps trying to change me into a breed of sheep - Merino


You shall henceforth be know as - the Amazing Merino!

Love it!




I’m Trevor. I live in Warwickshire but come originally from Doncaster, Yorkshire.

My grandfather died before I was born and I was always fascinated by tales of him originating from Wales and that his first language was Welsh. I have traced my ancestry back several generations and found places all over North Wales where they lived. I want to revive that linguistic heritage.

Despite working in the music industry all my life, both as a performer and a teacher, I still consider music to be my main hobby. I currently sing with Cor Cymraeg Coventry (who I found through SSiW) and not content with the challenge of learning Welsh, I have just started to learn to play the harp!

I enjoy good beer (and wine), especially when watching Wales play rugby.

Really looking forward to meeting everyone at Bwtcamp.



Shw mae, Trevor? A harpist and singer, eh? You’ll fit right in…

Welcome aboard!



Shwmae pawb

My name is Helen, I come from Cardiff but currently live in Pontyclun with my wife Julie and Mavis, our miniature poodle. I love walking, a spot of bird watching, rugby and singing (although not very well!)

Being Welsh, I feel it is important to learn my native language and help keep it alive. I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone.



I’m jenny - really looking forward to coming to the bwtcamp in may :slight_smile: I’m trying to learn Welsh as I’m engaged to a 1st language Welsh speaker and it’s very helpful to be able to understand the conversations! I’m slowly getting there though occasionally get completely the wrong end of the stick which causes some laughs!!
Can’t say I can sing though I can now sing along to some Welsh songs (don’t know what I’m singing, but sounds good when I’ve had some gwein goch!) I like walking/getting outdoors especially if there’s a pub at the end


Great, will look forward to it!


:joy::joy::joy:. I have the same problem!


You will be looking forward to the Six Nations then! I can’t wait!!


Shw’mae pawb,

My name is Ann, I’m a retired nurse, Married to Sylvester. We have four adult children and 10 grandchildren.
I am English and when I did my Family History I was rather disappointed to find absolutely no Welsh people in the family at all! (no blood relatives that is) I am sure it must be a mistake. :thinking: I have always felt that I belong here.

We fell in love with Wales in 1974 when we came over the bridge for the first time! Since then we had a trip to the north every May and another to the south most summers, finally moving here in 2006.
We love the warm friendly people, the culture, the arts and the beautiful countryside of course.

We live in a Welsh speaking area (Gorslas in Carmarthenshire) and most of my friends and neighbours speak Welsh. So, I really have no excuse! I would love to be able to chat to my friends in Cymraeg!

I have been learning Welsh through various avenues for several years but only started to try and speak in the last few months after signing up for the SSIW 6 month course.

I am really hoping that Bootcamp will finally enable all these Welsh words locked up in my head to make the journey out of my mouth! :joy:
See you all in May. Cant wait!