2019 Tresaith Bwtcamp May 11-18 : Sold Out!


Not sure if i answered Trevor but yes, can certainly do that. Very many thanks


@DiMatthews - once a month for a few hours really isn;t enough to move your Welsh on in leaps is it? But it’s great that you are using your Welsh - it’s surprising how much difference just that little bit of conversation can make. I hope you’ll find Bwtcamp makes a real difference!

@spj - no way! Pontllanfraith? We lived in Maesycwmwr for a good few years, one of the houses overlooking the queue for the traffic lights, right by the big presbyterian chapel. The boys still get really excited when they see the ‘wheel of drams’ by the viaduct, because they used to see it just about every day on the way to or from somewhere

@mcbrittany Now that’s an interesting question. We do play a few games on Bwtcamp, and we’ve had a few people who don’t want to play. It’s never been a problem. The only thing that makes me pause is that I find that the people who get least out of bwtcamp are usually people who for some reason hold back rather than throwing themselves into things without too much thought. I always make a point at the start of bwtcamp that every single activity is optional, so there is no problem with someone sitting some things out. My only concern would be if you got less out of bwtcamp from missing those activities.

However, what the game-like activities do is get people interacting and talking and laughing. I think that you would join in the laughing and interaction even if you weren’t actually playing the game (I’m thinking games like charades and 20 questions here.) It’s all pretty informal, and people just being people, so I really don’t think it would be a problem.


I use Literatim Welsh keyboard.

Sadly it is only for Android smart phones ( not iphones, unless its changed?!) but it is excellent for writing in Cymraeg. I always forget to switch keyboards according to which language I am working in though, so predicted text now gives me double trouble in Saesneg a Cymraeg!


@dee I’m glad you are not an early riser Dee, that makes two of us!


And… that was an interesting answer, thanks a lot Lestyn. You made it very clear : I can see there are some games rather “quiet”, it fitts me. And of course I share your opinion about missing too much activities. I would not go to the camp with this idea I just wanted a clarification, and you gave it. So thanks again and maybe… see you inseptember (I just began lessons 1 and 2, very funny at times - and confusing ! - to see how similar to breton is cymraeg when spoken, but with such a different spelling ! Waooooh !). I love both north and south, it depends the words, I find some ways of saying beautiful here and others more pleasant there. Same with breton, we have different dialects, and I love “picking” here and there ! Thanks again !!!


Just to save you a ‘what??’ moment when you get to Tresaith - his name is Iestyn, with a capital ‘i’ - that’s not an L… :wink:


Ooooooooops !!! I just HOPE that the way I wrote does not mean something … hm… how to say… something… unpleasant for him.
So sorry !


No problem, mcBrittany - I am so used to people writing Lestyn, I didn’t notice anyway!

If you don’t mind me asking, do you live in Brittany? If so, where? We have a few other Breton new Welsh speakers, and I know a few native Welsh speakers there as well, but its a big country!


Excuse me, I was in Normandy, went there to pick up my grand son and bring him back to Le Mans, where unfortunately I had to move en 2004. Well it’s not far from Rennes (Brittany main town), where I lived during 20 years, but it is NOT my beloved Brittany. No breton spoke in Rennes (no native I mean) but I was very very lucky 40 years ago to get my breton language from native breton speakers, from here and there in Brittany, that means people using a breton language structuraly very different from the french way of organizing sentences. The problem now with the new breton speakers is that they just put the breton words on the french sentences, and with the french “stress” (? accent tonique). Anyway, surely those “new speakers” have much more vocabulary than me, (my ex rather fluent breton has gone away). So I dont’ want to despreciate them. I’m just a bit disapointed when I hear this “new breton”(would I call it “frenchton”, or “bretench”…) spokken by teachers in our breton schools (Diwan)…