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2020 April Bwtcamp **Fully Booked!**


I’m looking forward to the cooking and all the meals we’ll be coming up with! :plate_with_cutlery:


I’m sure between us all we can cookup some tasty delights… :slight_smile:
I do love cheesy beans on toast though lol


Cheesy beans on toast are fine with me :wink:
I haven’t tried it before, but it sounds good~


Thanks a lot for the updates, Iestyn.

So it seems I’ll be getting off the bus from Aberystwyth at Aberporth, which saves me quite a bit of time! I thought that I’d have to go all the way to Cardigan and then get a bus to Tresaith.

It looks like it’s only a mile or so along the beach to Tresaith from Aberporth- is it walkable? It looks like a really nice walk, and I usually prefer to use my feet over wheels. :grin:


Hi @Camilla_Walker lovely to chat briefly in the book review just now. See you in bwtcamp mis Ebrill :slight_smile:


Hi @carin-harris, it was lovely to talk to you too :slight_smile:
It’s only two more months until the April Bwtcamp, isn’t that fantastic? I’m looking forward to it more and more as the days pass!

A question in general:
Does anyone know how to open a hangout in Google or jitsi? When Carin and I chatted briefly yesterday, I thought it might be nice to have “Pre-Bwtcamp” chat.
What do you think about it? :sunny:


A chat would be really good, but I am useless at technology and have no idea how to do it! :anguished:


I’m happy to open up a google hangout, would be lovely to “meet” before bwtcamp.
Just need to sort out a time and day :slight_smile:


That’s great news! Thank you, @carin-harris :blush:
As for me, I’ve usually got time all week by 8 pm (German time, which should be 7 pm for the UK if I’m not mixing things up again).


I think an evening after 7pm GMT may well work for most of us :slight_smile: If I suggest this Friday evening 29th for say 7.30pm and we can go from there? Just a suggested time and date, so please say when would be better for you if this isn’t suitable. Ta chaps


Not had much success with hangouts but willing to give it a try !


Haia, I can do FR night at 7pm UK time (if I don’t forget about it). :slight_smile:


This Friday is perfectly fine for me :slight_smile:


Morning all, If 7 is better I’ll start it for 7pm, and bwtcampers can pop in when they can. Hope everyone sees this message and can join us, if even only for a few minutes to say hello.

This Friday 28th February for 7pm I will post the link to a google hangout here, which is best accessed (if you don’t know) through Chrome :slight_smile:


Great! :slight_smile: Looking forward to it…ony question to be solved: English or Welsh?


Welsh would be good, but no pressure :slight_smile:


I’ll be at work until 2100 I’m afraid. Maybe next time!


would anyone object to 21:15 or 21:30? So that Darren could take part?


No, later would be fine for me, too.
Since I’m an hour ahead of you it will be rather late for me, but I’ll give my best to stay awake and talk a bit, instead of simply listening and enjoying the company :blush:
I’m looking forward to it too much to let it pass, whatever time we’ll settle on!


I guess it depends on what time Darren gets home from work if he finishes at 9pm. Happy to postpone to another day/night/time? By 9.30pm I’m pretty goosed to be honest. Saturday or Sunday any better for us all?