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2020 April Bwtcamp **Fully Booked!**


Thanks for the chat, sorry Sandra and Lisa had problems. Hopefully Ingrid’s Zoom link will work better next week :slight_smile:


Sori pawb! But I have had a nightmare of a journey home from Caerdydd through storm whatever-it-is-cslled. Nearly four hours for what should have been a 30 minutes journey! So couldn’t join in as I was crawling off the A4232 onto the M4 at 7pm. I will read through all the messages after I’ve had a paned…so hope to meet you all soon but if not will see you in April!


Sorry to hear, it’s been so bad out, glad you’re safe.


Helo pawb - well I did warn I would be an intermittent contributor but didn’t realise what a self-fulfilling prophecy it would become. Thanks Ingrid for the email (which I saw too late to join last night :frowning: ) and I have now switched to watching this thread (thought I was but turns out I was only tracking :frowning: )

Anyway, should be a bit more active now i’ll see if there’s any activity and will also look at Ingrid’s doodle polls…

For transport, I haven’t looked at it too much yet but likelihood is I’ll end up driving from Bristol (especially as it will give me options in case of any child-related emergencies requiring me to bail early). Would anyone be interested in liftsharing from the Bristol area or is everyone sorted now?!


Helo Pawb!
Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus! :slightly_smiling_face:


A chi hefyd Ingrid!


Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus bwtcampers…the weeks are counting down rather quickly…


Fifty-four days to go.

Hopefully I’ll run into a Welsh speaker or two in India next week. :grinning:


54 days!!! Good grief my tummy did a flip then lol


Helo Pawb, just to remind you: tonight is the second option to join an online meeting for the April Bwtcamp crowd.

I will create a Zoom session and post the link here just before 7pm UK time. Hopefully that will work easier than the Hangout option last Friday.

Outside of @vanessa-powys everyone said they could join, so hopefully we can meet almost everyone.

Looking forward to you all!




Sorry Ingrid, but only just seen your post, not able to join today, I thought you said Wednesday last week ! Maybe I will manage the next one


Will do my best to pop in, but due to changes in circumstances today, I may or may not be able to.
Just letting you all know so you don’t think I’m rude if I don’t turn up.


Just realised it was on doodle and I ticked ok, sorry it is ok normally but can’t do tonight . Next time hopefully



and here it is… hope it will work…


Nice to meet you caz and lisa. Many thanks for organising the chat Ingrid. Look forward to seeing/speaking with you all again soon.



Sorry only just seen this. Maybe it will it make it to the next one…if there is a next one!


Yes, it was lovely to chat with you.

I am sure we’ll arrange another meeting, maybe for in 2 weeks or something. It seemed to work well with ZOOM.

I shall send around another Doodle for a new date in a few days.

:slight_smile: Have a good day and stay safe and healthy!


Another idea:

This is not my private email address, but one that I use for internet purposes.

You could send me your mail address and phone number (maybe also if you use Whatsapp). Then we could form an email group/whatsapp group and have more direct contact. I would share the list with contact data with all of you.

If you feel that is alright, send me your contact data. :slight_smile:


Hi Ingrid. I’m happy with a what’s app group! Feel free to use the mobile number you have for me.