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2020 April Bwtcamp **Fully Booked!**


Obviously my bŵtcamp was the best ever but this one is shaping up to be absolutely awesome. You are an inspiring grŵp I hope it happens for you, you will have a ball.


I really hope this bootcamp goes ahead for everyone involved, I know from experience how much going on a bootcamp can do for your Welsh speaking abilities and what a lasting effect it will leave on each and every one of you. It’s amazing, it truly is. However, I think it would be really important for everyone going to keep up to date on the subject, this will have to be the most ocd bootcamp ever, please don’t take this pandemic lightly, tell eachother to wash hands, remind eachother not to touch faces (yours or other peoples :upside_down_face:), and look out for eachother. My fingers are crossed for you all.

Don’t take it lightly, a lot of articles have stated that this is the worst global event like this since the flu pandemic of 1918/19. Let’s hope that things improve but I’m not holding my breath. Here in Wales they’ve stopped testing for it and we’re still not doing anywhere near as much as other countries are, nor are we following advice from countries that have suffered, and still suffering, greatly from this.

But like I said, my fingers are crossed. Bootcamps are brilliant.


Good advice, and I’m certainly NOT taking it lightly at all. I am a fastitious hand washer, but am even more vigilant now. I see you’ve cancelled your bwtcamp, and I can understand why completely. I’m wearing my optimistic head as that’s how I roll, but am well aware of how dangerous this situation is, and how it may well worsen. I’m sure we’re all keeping an eye on events as they unfold and will make an informed decision in a week or two. I found this article helpful, hope it’s ok to share:


I’ve been asked to write an update on the Forum about how things are going here in Italy and I will do soon.
Since the Bwtcamp is more than a month away, I guess you can still think about it a bit longer - although from here, I would say it’s worth considering postponing it to when the situation will be clearer.

p.s. In any case, it’s always a good idea not to panic - never does any good anyway!


Helo pawb,

I’m afraid I’ve got not so good news, though it probably affects me much more than you…
Germany closed its borders this morning, most flights get cancelled and holiday trips aren’t forbidden as such (yet), but the government advices strongly against them.
For one, to keep Covid-19 from spreading, but also because one might find themselves stranded in a foreign country, because all means of transport were shut down.

There is no information available how long this restriction will be kept up at the moment but if things keep developing as fast as they do now…

I refuse to give up my hope entirely yet, but my chances of seeing you all at the Bwtcamp in April diminish day by day :cry:


We’ve read yesterday on the net that EU tends to close all outside borders except for Island, UK and some scandinavian countries so prety much the whole overseas countries will be (in majority they already are) kocked down. So this definatelly isn’t a good news for the bootcampers at all.

Hope it gets any better soon as in Italy are testing kind of cure for the Covid-19 and so far it proves to be successful but to totally confirm things they still need a week to go before confirming it.

Stay safe and remember: hope dies last!



Sorry to hear this :frowning: As Tatjana says “hope dies last”


In light of yesterday’s government announcement, that the UK is on a recommended, voluntary lock-down, I think we are going to have to bite the bullet on this one and postpone / re-arrange.

I’m guessing that no-one is going to rush out and book something else for the same week, so if something does change, some miraculous change in circumstances, then we’ll keep our options open.

You have formed such an amazing group together, that it seems really wrong to ask you on to different bwtcamps, so if you are up for this, we’ll try to arrange another date that suits all of you (and the ganolfan of course).

There’s no reason why we can’t continue to organise online meet-ups, of course, and generally keep on building the amazing group spirit - there’s a good chance that we are all going to have a bit more time at home on our hands!

Let me know if you have any questions and we’ll keep an eye on the situation and re-arrange as soon as we possibly can.

Keep safe!



Best decision I think in light of the current situation. Would def love to still go as the gang of 10 though at some mutually convenient date…keep safe everyone, and I’ll see you all soon :slight_smile:


Thank you for the update, postponing is the only sensible thing to do. But as a positive it will give me more time to Dysgu Cymraeg so that when we do get together will be ‘perfect’ ! I do hope you can find a date in the future that we can all make as a group as we have made great friendships already.


I agree it’s the best decision to postpone and keeping the same group together would be ideal. In the meantime ymarfer ymarfer ymarfer…

Siarad yn fuan


Same feeling here… ALL my summer tours have been cancelled on me… I will stay in hiding in Lampeter and we will try to grow veggies…


Hope to see you all on Friday night for a chat on Zoom…


It would be awesome if we could keep together our current group for some point in the future!
I’ll be there on Friday, Ingrid.


Firstly, I hope everyone stays safe and this Bwtcamp can be re-arranged, as appropriate, to everyone’s convenience. I really hope that I can subscribe to one when I feel confident enough (only on Challenge 8 in level 1 for now).
Secondly, being habitually facetious and an idiot, I can’t help but wish the thread title was… “2020 April Bwtcamp ** Fully Bwked!**” :slight_smile:


Are we still having a chat meet up tonight ? If so can comeone tell me what time please !


**FR 20th of March 7pm UK time :slight_smile:


So - YESS… let’s talk tonight!


What an inspiring bunch you are. I hope you get this bŵtcamp together once day. When this nightmare is finally over we should take over llety arall and have a SSiW party.


And here is the Zoom link… :slight_smile: