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2020 April Bwtcamp **Fully Booked!**


My laptop needs aaaaages again :sweat_smile:


no worries we are here…


Thank you all for your time, it was great to have nearly all of us together!
I’m looking forward to the next time :smile:
Heads up and stay save - we’ll get through this and meet at Bwtcamp some day :revolving_hearts:


Diolch yn fawr pawb, tan y tro nesaf.
A chofiwch, y bum munud gyntaf yn Gymraeg!
Nos da a chadw’n saf.


Yes, thank you for joining… :slight_smile:

This is the page to find a local group for support in the Corona crisis that I mentioned:

Stay healthy - both mentally and physically!


Well, its lock down, stay safe everyone x


Helo pawb.

Wel, mae hi’n wythnos dau o “lockdown”.

Sut mae bawb? X


Hi Pawb, I am gardening in this lovely sunshine (and very cold wind). We have quite a large and wild garden so I have lots of scope for my efforts. There is a footpath across the front of our garden but I haven’t seen anyone on it today. In normal times, it is busy with dog walkers and people going to the beach. We are volunteers for our neighbourhood group. So far, two people, who are self-isolating, have rung up for a chat, but no one has as yet asked us to fetch food or medicines.
My husband managed to get some food for us from Tesco’s yesterday. We were away on a Scottish island when all the panic buying fever took place, before the lockdown, so we came back to rather sparse supplies. Now we have a reasonable amount.:grinning:
I am so thankful for SSIW . I gives me a brain challenge every day., especially now I have started Level 2. I’m finding it a bit harder going than level 1.
How are you all doing?


Helo pawb :slight_smile:
… know what you mean, Lisa… found the first few challenges on Level 2 a real challenge, too. Good to hear you are alright. I am still in Lampeter. We are digging the garden to grow veggies in case food supplies will dwindle. Barely get around to do SSIW between trying to help my tour operator to survive the crisis with online hotel search, helping my hosts in house and garden and trying to promote my own business (that I don’t ever seem to get around to). Still in self isolation here… quite happy, except the world gone mad does make you feel a little uneasy.

By the way - do you guys know Caws Cenarth? They are the ones that to the fab Perl Las and Perl Wen cheeses… They are in trouble and have made an amazing offer to sell off all the cheese that they need to get rid off, before it goes off. Maybe check out their site (and do watch the video that starts of automatically)

Do stay healthy - both mentally and physically …


Lovely to hear from you all. Trying to keep busy here too, I’m on my own a lot as my husband works in care, and is doing crazy hours to cover those who can’t come in, but our many furred and feathered beasties keep me busy and entertained.
Anyway, like you doing my SSiW chatting on WSP etc to keep my hand in, TRYING to learn my harp and failing miserably lol. So sad to know that small companies are suffering like Cenarth Cheese, will definitely take a look (love cheese).
Never known so much consistent wind as we’ve had over the last few months…I’m also finding the silence sometimes, is quite un-nerving, but also felt up-lifted by the clapping for the NHS the other night and the upcoming one on the 2nd April for all our wonderful shop workers, delivery drivers, posties etc. Stay safe, stay postiive & keep safe and well all - better times ahead :sunny: x


Hello everyone,

I’m glad you’re are as well as any of us can be at the moment and have found things to do to keep you occupied :sunny:
I relocated my work from the office to my living room, so I’m kept occupied by work.

I’ve started Level 2 as well and so far it’s indeed trickier than Level 1.

Keep safe, stay positive and enjoy the little things in life - they are what makes it special :cherry_blossom:

I wish you all the very best!


We visit Caws Cenarth almost every bwtcamp and they always say that their cheese can be frozen, so if you fancy stocking up with Welsh cheese gifts for people, this sounds like a good time to do it :slight_smile:


:+1: That’s what we were counting on … and sharing with neighbours… that large Cheese offer includes something like min of 2 kg of Per Las…:smiley:


They are also doing home delivery, we have been on site and ordered. Boxes are small, medium and large, and do not just contain cheese. Although can just order cheese.


We were lucky and were able to place order, they have had so much support they not taking any more orders at the moment. Just waiting for our to arrive. Love their cheese. Will be ordering more when they are ready to. Can freeze cheese.


Pasg Hapus bwtcampers…hoping everyone is keeping safe & sane :slight_smile:


Pasg hapus i chi eto! Funny old Easter this one! Very, very quiet here in Pembrokeshire. Thank goodness for the garden! I saw my first bullfinch of the season, this morning. He is too late for the almond blossom this year. Last year,he ate it all (all two flowers of it), so I won’t begrudge him the cherry blossom this year. Thank goodness for SSIW. At least, my brain is getting a stretch every day.
Too many tomato plants as usual, but we like tomatoes. Perhaps, by the time we meet up, I’ll be able to bring you some of the fruit? Keep safe and keep posting. It’s very cheering :smiley:


Lisa, dw i’n disgwyl ymlaen at bwyta rhai dy tomatoes di. Tan hynny, Pasg hapus i ti a pawb.


Pasg Hapus! Lovely spring days here… lots of gardnening and eating tons of Per Las everyday… soooo yummy (we got more then 2,5kg of PerLas and lots of other stuff from Caws Cenarth!).


Pasg Hapus :sunny:
A funny old Easter, indeed.
But it is sunny and warm and the air smells of flowers and blossoms and spring!