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2020 April Bwtcamp **Fully Booked!**


Pasg hapus! It is a very odd Easter weekend indeed! Today us first day off in nearly three weeks so I’m totally exhausted but I did managed a good walk with Finlay, worked for about an hour in the garden and done a bit of sewing this evening! And was going to do a recap challenge from L1 or L2 to keep up my practice before having a virtual catch up with my sisters with whom I normally spend Easter.
Be sensible, take care & stay safe!


Thank you, Gwylan! You and other people in healthcare all over the world are doing amazing work in these difficult times. I feel guilty about being safe and sound in my little paradise here in Lampeter. I am so grateful for the safe place to be and the wonderful people I am with and the funny chickens and the lovely dog and the big, green garden and the peaceful quiet little lane running up to an old hillfort behind the house. Couldn’t get it any better in the circumstances! I am rather worried about life after lockdown… but I truly lucked out with life during lockdown. Please stay safe and do look after yourself best you can!


Wel, bore da fellow bwtcampers :sunny: :partying_face:
What a glorious sunny day our 1st day would have been in Tresaith.
Never mind, I’m telling myself I have more time to learn Cymraeg.
Though it’s not the Saturday we originally hoped for, I hope you have a fabulous alternative time today!
See you one Saturday very soon for a “real” 1st day bwtcamp experience.
Hwyl a cadw’n ddiogel :clap:


Yes, today was supposed to be The Day, very disappointed. Although as you say by the time this is over, if we practise inbetween, chould be word perfedt by then ! Well in my casse in my head not necessarily speaking lol.
Hope everyone is keeping well and that we will all meet up in Bootcamp soon !


Hope you can all get together in the future, your bŵtcamp looks like it would have been a belter.


I’ve been thinking about you all today. Keep safe and well, because I want to meet up with you at Tresaith when it’s safe to do so. You are all so interesting!


Hello bwtcampers. I hope you are all safe and coping with the current situation, and I hope it’s not too long before we can meet in Tresaith. Until then if anyone wants to have a chat yn yr Gymraeg then give me a shout.



Shwmae my fellow bwtcampers!
Even though we’re not all sitting happily together in Tresaith now, each of us thinking about it formed its own feeling of connection.
And I’m looking forward to our “really real” first day with even more anticipation now :sunny:

Until then, take care and stay safe!

PS: I’m always up for another virtual get-together :smile:


I too was very upset not to be at Bwtcamp Tresaith a couple of weeks ago. Hope that dates for new Bwtcamps can be set before long - and that, as promised, those of us signed up for April/May will have first choice, and priority booking for new dates! Btw, I’m a Gog - dw i’n dysgu Cymraeg Gogledd hefyd! Cofion caredig, Sandy


Rest assured, I will try my very best to work this so that as many as possible of you are on a Bwtcamp together. You have formed such an amazing group, I just know that this will be a Bwtcamp to remember.

Colin knows what he’s talking about above - he’s been on two (I think)!

BTW ithere’s a bit of talk about gardening here - have you seen ‘Garddio a mwy’ on S4C? It’s not just a gardening programme - there’s a Fcaebook group as well, with loads of people asking questions and helping each other with gardening tips etc. If that’s your interest, get over there now!


Thanks Iestyn thanks for the update. I am sure you will most definitely do your best for everyone who booked onto a cancelled Bwtcamp, I just keep thinking I get to look forward to it all over again :slight_smile: Garddio a Mwy is a great program, even my hubby will watch it with me as I try my best to translate, he loves gardening. Hope you’re all ok, see you soon.