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2020 April Bwtcamp **Fully Booked!**


Hi Iestyn, Am I one of the 7 or 8? I can’t find my reply to you expressing an interest. I definitely typed a reply. Maybe I didn’t send it.
Diolch, Gareth


Hi Iestyn. I’m definitely interested :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve just finished Level Three, 'tho I haven’t had all of the recommended conversations :flushed: Diolch


Hello! I have expressed an interest by clicking on ‘here’ but not sure whether I should do more. Would definitely like to come!

Many thanks


Hi @iestyn, I’m definitely interested and have clicked the link. I’ve finished level three but it definitely feels that bwtcamp is the rite of passage to fully complete the course :grinning:


I definitely want to attend this Bwtcamp, plîs! I completed lefel 2 earlier this year, and narrowly missed out twice on bwtcamps that filled up in a trice. Please count me in this time! Sandy


I’m interested, will have to check i can get time off before committing but definitely interested


Hi Iestyn and everyone else! Just in case we bumped into you at the Birthday Party last May we are the slow burners Ian and Kate. ( we talked to you Iestyn at length :slight_smile: ) We are very interested in Bwtcamp 2020, please count us in for April if we are lucky enough to book places :slight_smile:
We have been flirting with SSIW Level 1 (both old and new) for about 6 years and have both completed Cwrs Mynediad -Beginners level, though some years ago. We have always been attracted to the Bwtcamps but have never had opportunity to attend. This year we hope to change that!! :slight_smile:


Helo pawb, can I express interest in the April 2020 bwtcamp in case there are still places available? I’ve lurked for several years on SSiW and slowly managed to complete 11 courses on Level 1 in the past 4+ years since having my first (of two) bilingually-raised sons. Can’t remember, is bwtcamp open to both N and S welsh learners? I am learning the North Wales version…
Thanks, Fran


Yes please Iestyn I would like to come on the Bwtcamp. Think I may be coming on the bus from Bangor after doing some walking on the North Coast so would appreciate a lift from Llangrannog if poss. Would love to fit in the A eryswtwth learners festival en route but suspect that would mske it too complicated with public transport.


I hope i have expressed interest in the right place. DI MATTHEWS


@iestyn i hope i have expressed an interest and also sent message re lift but you know me and i.t ! Have you received both communications?


This looks like it’s going to fill (and quickly!) so how is everyone set for January 17th as a booking date? @Deborah-SSiW

I will open the booking at 9pm (21:00) GMT on our bookwhen page at You will need to pay on the day, but once you’re booked, you’re guaranteed.

It looks like it may be a bit of a scramble, unfortunately, so be there on the dot!

As @DiMatthews notes (yes - all your messages have got through Di), there is a ‘Learners’ Festival’ in Aberstwyth on the 1st Saturday of Bwtcamp - there’s also another in Drefach Felindre even closer to Tresaith for those coming from the south - so if a few people are interested in attending them on the way, then let us know here, and it could be possible for a few of you to meet up there and ‘cheat’ your way into already being friends before you arrive!


Great, well sibject to getting through the scramble I will head for the Aberystwyth one as I will be travelling from Bangor ar y bws!


Hello Iestyn. I’m interested in the Bwtcamp having just finished level 2. Will you tell us how to book on the weekly e-mails? Peter.


Hello again Iestyn. Just found the date. It’s on the same night as Rhian Davies comes to talk to the Coventry Cambrian Society about the Welsh composer Morfydd Llwyn Owen. I’ll have to sneak out at 9pm! Peter.


I will be sat in front of my monitor at 2059 on the 17th repeatedly pressing the refresh button.


Hi, really worried that I won’t be able to use the technology properly if it has to be done quickly. Is there any other way to book…I hate technology!


Sir / Iestyn,

I would like to express an interest in attending the Bootcamp in April.

I now see from your post on on 2nd Jan how booking works and I will hopefully be successful on the 17th.

I have just joined the Forum and I am still working out how your systems work.

Cofion cynnes,


If it’s still possible, I would like to attend the Bwtcamp in April.


If you look back at @Iestyn’s post from 6 days ago, you’ll see the next stage of the process is actually to register, and pay. This takes place at 9pm GMT on Friday 17th. If everyone who has expressed an interest tries to register that some will be disappointed, so you, or someone on your behalf, needs to be quick off the mark.