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2020 April Bwtcamp **Fully Booked!**


Thank you very much for the short summary of proceedings :sunny:


Am not sure what a Bwtcamp is?


If you look at @Iestyn’s post at the top of this thread he links to more info about Bwtcamp. But, in short, it’s an amazing, terrifying, exhilarating week of 100% spoken Welsh, plus time to recover in between the fun, but exhausting bits. No lessons, hardly any explanations. You just find ways, often totally unexpected, of using the Welsh you’ve already learned with SSIW and, perhaps, elsewhere. I still vividly remember in my first bwtcamp, nearly ten years ago (how time flies), recalling an incident 25 years before that, in a hospice where I worked, and explaining it, and the feelings it engendered, to someone working at the same hospice 25 years later. In Welsh! In the sea! And being dragged by a 4ft tall 80 year old lady to see the most interesting thing in Llandysul, a harp factory, because two of us bwtcampers had asked her, in Welsh, what was interesting in the town. I hope you get the idea.


If you click FAQ top right, you will find a heading ‘Bwtcamp’, which provides a set of short videos where previous Bwtcampers share their experiences.


Sounds exciting and petrifying, but the harp factory I would LOVE to visit. Thanks for sharing


I would really really really love to come on this boot camp. Please let me know as soon as you are taking bookings. I finish level 2 in a few weeks. Diolch yn fawr iawn. Vanessa


Hello Iestyn. The bookwhen site does not recognise my email address. Should my email address and password be the same for bookwhen as it is for logging into my ssiw account? Just doing a trial run so that I know I can log in to hopefully secure a place on the April bwtcamp. Diolch, Vanessa


Helo Iestyn, would you be able to give me a faint idea, which weeks you are thinking of having potential other bootcamps? I have to plan a lot further ahead than a few weeks and seem to miss all of them, just because my time is already booked up by the time you have the information out… I might be able to “save” a week for it, if I know long in advance. Thank you very much, Ingrid


I’d definitely like to attend Clare


Then please make sure that you register and pay on the Bookwhen site at 9 pm (UK Time) on Friday 17th as described in Iestyn’s post above.
Places go very quickly, but there is currently no fair alternative.


A very quick note, as I have to be somewhere in a few minutes!

For anyone worried about the process tonight, I shall update you about how it will work when I’m back from my meeting, but you do not have to log in to the Bookwhen site. The login at the top of the page is for administrators, not for people wanting to book.

I shall be back later!


I’m not sure that there is a fair alternative to first come, first served. It’s either this, or we have some kind of battle royale outside of Aberystwyth.

Bwtcamps 2020

Right here we are!

What happens when the clock strikes nine tonight…

  1. Go to
  2. You don’t need to ‘log in’ (the ‘log in’ is for administrators)
  3. You should see just April’s bwtcamp on one line under ‘chedule’ on the left, and whole load of information about the April bwtcamp on the right (this is for desk top computers - mobile apps may be a bit different)
  4. At 9 o’clock, a booking button will appear, I think by the ‘ticket’ information at the bottom of the right hand column
  5. At the same time, the number of bookings will appear in the schedule. If this suddenly starts saying ‘3/10’ etc, then booking is in progress - best find the button quickly!
  6. To guarantee your place, you will need to pay the full amopunt (sorry about that)
  7. If you see that the event is full before you’ve booked, then let us know here, so that we can staert an ‘unofficial waiting list’.
  8. There will be more bwtcamps during the year, and if I see someone who has missed out in the rush on a few occasions, then I will make sure that you do get booked onto a Bwtcamp, so don’t lose heart.


I’ll see you all ‘on the other side’.


DaveHedgehog - I’ve just written (before seeing your post) that I generally try to make sure that people who don’t get a place on a few occasions get booked on a bwtcamp sooner or later. Whether my ways of doing that are ‘fair’ I don’t know.

In fact, we could have a pre bwtcamp meeting of all interested parties, and the ten people standing by the end get to attend. I like your style, sir!

Now I come to think of it, we could seel the rights to S4C. Probably more compelling that tipit…


Wow - 22:02 and it is fully booked… incredible…


All booked in! I’ll see whoever else manages to book in April. It’s Darren, not Dave. :smiley:


Cannot believe I missed out within 1 minute!


yep was fully booked before 9.01. Literally all booked in seconds.


They went so quickly! Hope for the next one!


Not sure I can get my fingers to work any faster! But I’l try again next time.