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2020 April Bwtcamp **Fully Booked!**


Well, my finger was on the keyboard at 9:00:01… I am so much looking forward to it! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: But I do feel sorry for you, that didn’t make it…:cry:


To all those who made it in - have a great time! It had already sold out and the clock on my computer was still on 21:00.


Wow - I think that was the most imtense booking session I’ve ever seen. There was no-one, then there were ten people puttingin their details, literally within seconds.

Those who were succesful wuill get an email next week with your first task (come on - it’s a bwtcamp, time for you to get working!)

For the rest of you - please tell me here that you missed out and want to a) be on any waiting list and b) want to go on a Bwtcamp even if your mouse finger is off the nono-scale of speed.

I’m afraid I’m busy over the weekend, but I’ll be here next week, with a new Bwtcamp date.

Diolch i bawb. Congratulations to those who got in, and for those who didn’t, there’s more opportunities on the way!



Hi Iestyn, Please add me to the waiting list and if I’m unsuccessful I’ll just have to try for a bwtcamp later in the year.


@Iestyn don’t know what I did wrong as I was there on time and it said booking cannot be accepted. Really disappointed. if anyone drops our please let me know. We are walking in North Wales the two weeks before so i can just travel down, even at short notice


@Iestyn - please could you add @peter-lockyer to the waiting list, he wants to go on Bwtcamp - I was supposed to book his place for him but was not quite quick enough on the draw! Thank you.


Me too - I clicked on the button as soon as it said ‘available’ and I was still unlucky!


I was trying on my phone and ipad simultaneously. Ipad still cant even open the forum. Phone just had a no entry sign at the side of the booking dates. Ah well. Another time maybe but, yes please @Iestyn, pop me on the waiting list. Many thanks.


Hi @Iestyn I tried but wasn’t quick enough! Llongyfarchiadau to those that made it. Please chalk me up as interested in future bwtcamps, I won’t ask to join the waiting list for this April bwtcamp due to the nature of my job (a lot of workshops booked months in advance, so cancelling holiday close to the date would leave a gap in my workload). Diolch yn fawr.


Hello! Yes I would love to get to a bootcamp so please put me on any list :slightly_smiling_face:. I just wasn’t fast enough tonight :slightly_frowning_face:.

Thank you.


Hello Iestyn. I understand that a free-for-all appears at first sight to be fair to everyone because everyone has the same chance. In reality if there is only a 20-30 second window I am concerned that some will miss out time after time if they can’t type well, or can’t see a screen well, or don’t have good internet access at home, or have inconvenient shift-work times. You could, perhaps, make the system even fairer by guaranteeing the unsuccessful a place on a Bwtcamp of their choice in the next 12 months. A lovely kindness. Ponder! Peter.


still interested and will await future opportunities :slight_smile:


Right. As a general comment on your ‘add me to the waiting list’ thread - it seems like we have 7 disappointed potential bwtcampers. Are there more?

That is far more than ever before, and makes me think that I agree that we appear to be outgrowing this method of selection.

So, I’m going to try a new approach for the June Bwtcamp (I’ll add a link when I’ve announced it properly) and number your expressions of interest, so the ‘first come first serve’ basisi for bwtcamps will be ‘first hand up gets first dibs’. That’s a bit more complicated than the current free-for all, but the free-for-all only really works when there are 12 people or so, some of whom are more enthusiastic than others, and the bwtcamp books over a few hours.

On Friday, the first ten people literally booked in the first second or so, which makes the process rather different, I think!

So, hold on to your keyboards while I put the June date up, then I’ll announce it here, probably tomorrow, on the general page the day after and it will be in the email next week. Once we have 12 or so expressions of interest, then I’ll open booking but in a way that gives people a chance in order of expression of interest.

Watch this space!


Thank you, Margaret, for the reassuring message. I have been lucky enough to book myself on the April Bwtcamp and I am looking forward to it a great deal. It is a scary prospect but, after all, the worst thing that can happen is that I say nothing for a week! I managed to spend three weeks, when I was 14, in the south of France, with a family whom I did not know and who spoke no English at all. I had a whale of a time! So many laughs and so many misunderstandings. I’ve never forgotten it. Courage, fellow bwtcampers!
Lisa V


Hi Lestyn

Thanks for this - will watch out for it.

Best wishes


Will do! Was really disappointed I didn’t make it on the April bwtcamp


As promised - I have set up the June Bwtcamp announcement here: June Bwtcamp Mehefin 2020

If those disappointed during the April booking can get your expressions of interest in as soon as possible, then i shall announce the date prperly cia the 2020 Bwtcamps thread tomorrow or maybe Friday, and ask Catrin to include it in Tuesday’s email. This should give you ample time to get your feet in the door and be in the first batch of people to be offered booking. We’ll see how this goes as a booking system, and keep it / develop it / scrap it according to everyone’s experience.

See you on the June Thread!

Meanwhile, April Bwtcampers - watch your email inboxes today and tomorrow for your first Bwtcamp tasks!


Hi Iestyn

Have you sent out any emails yet as I haven’t received any?



Hiya I’ll be on the April bwtcamp (gulp) who else was lucky enough to book on? Looking forward to meeting you all. I wonder what our pre-bwtcamp task(s) will be?


Well you already know me! I’ve not had any email yet?? I’m at the “what have I done?!” (Aka terrified!) Stage :woozy_face: