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2020 April Bwtcamp **Fully Booked!**


Heavy metal is fine with me Darren my fave too.


Hi Pawb.
What a lot of interesting people there will be on the April Bwtcamp!
I forgot to say, in my last post, that the reason I want to learn Welsh is that I was born in South Wales and Iived there until I was 5. My grandparents were Welsh speaking and spoke to me in Welsh. Then, because of my father’s job, we moved to Birmingham and, from then on, nobody spoke to me in Welsh again. My grandparents changed to speaking English when I visited them. A teacher even mocked me for my Welsh accent! Every now and then, the odd random Welsh phrase appears in my head, even though it’s years since I spoke Welsh. I want to know what these phrases mean. Also, I can sing some Welsh folk songs phonetically, even though I have little idea what the words mean. I hope to find my Welsh roots and grow them into a flower!


Well I count 7 boot campers who have said a bit about themselves. Can’t wait to read about the others, looks like we are going to be an interesting mixed bunch !


Sutmae pawb. My name is Andrew and I think I’m bwt camper number 8. I come from the vale of glamorgan originally but left for work on the other side of the bridge after university. I met my wife in Winchester where we still live with our 2 little girls and dylan the dog (who has a post op lamp shade on his head and hence my late reply). I did welsh for gcse but as my most memorable line was ‘mae’n ddrwg gyda fi syr, dw i’n hwyr eto’ i think it’s obvious I didn’t study too hard. My grandmother and family were fluent (and @caz also had knuckles wrapped for their sin of speaking the tongue) so I think it’s a great shame that my mother was encouraged to only speak English and the language lost in our family. Then along comes ssw to save the day. …my wife and kids are now also learning. @ dave. I’m also partial to bit of Metallica… looking forward to the challenge of bwt camp and meeting you all.



Hi @Iestyn, I’m rather low on the list and fairly certain the 10 spots will fill up before you get to me. If I somehow got in for June I would make it work! If not, that’s fine because July Bwtcamp would fit better with my work madness anyway.
Is there a way to get on that list? Many thanks!

@aran, Heaven help me, I’m gonna take the dive into the deep end. Yikes! :flushed:


whoo-hoo!! :star: :star2:

Fantastic news. You are going to be a brilliant Bootcamper… :slight_smile: :sunny:


Shw mae, Laura?

I’ll put you on my priority list and send you a ‘ping’ as soon as July bwtcamp expression of interest is open.And if leaving it a month means you’ll be a bit more relaxed going into bwtcamp, you’ll possibly get en even better result, so win win!



@aran We shall see… :blush:


@Iestyn, Thanks so much!


So who are our remaining 2 April bwtcampers? :slight_smile:


It’s like waiting to see who’s going into the jungle for I’m a Celebrity! I keep checking to see if anyone else has posted.


I keep looking to suspense killing me lol


Love the analogy Vanessa, I’m on tenderhooks lol but I’m not eating bugs I’m vegetarian lol


86 days and counting! :grin:


That does not seem very long, help, panic, Dw i’n well Ymarfar mor


Bore da @Iestyn.
Sawl ohonon ni sy’n mynd i bwtcamp Mis Ebrill?
Dw i’n edrych ymlaen yn fawr iawn. Dw i fel plentyn cyn y Nadolig!


Dw i’n gwybod, Sandra! Dw i’n mor cyffrous.
Dw i newydd dechrau Lefel 3. Ymarfer, ymarfer, ymarfer! :grin:


Paid poeni Caz. We’ll all be in it together! I don’t know about you but my Welsh seems to flow better ar ôl botl o win so I’m hoping we’ll be frequenting the local tafarn!!!


I have also just started level three, so excited and nervous at same time, but looking forward to learning and speaking more at bootcamp


Deg dwi’n meddwl ar bwtcamp. Hyd yn hyn 6 ferched a dau dynion, dyn ni’n dal yn aros am y ddau arall i ddweud helooooo.
Ten I think on bootcamp. So far 6 women and two men, we’re still waiting for the other two to say hellooooo