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2020 April Bwtcamp **Fully Booked!**


Also think we need to ask Iestyn how food works and what to take with us etc.


Some kind of food planning sounds like a good idea. How about starting with a list of peoples allergies and major eating categories (vegetarian,vegan,wheat intolerance, fulltime carnivore etc) ?


Def a good idea. I’m not sure if basics are provided on the course or not, I’m sure Iestyn will let us know in due course. But me I’m vegetarian (no meat no fish) and I’m allergic to Quorn if I eat it.


If we have vegetarians attending, maybe it would be easiest to make everything veggie rather than having to cook separate meals? It’s not as if vegetarian meal options are any less varied than those featuring meat.

If anyone’s prone to meat cravings (like me), I think there are a few nights when we’ll be eating out.


I’m sure we can work it to suit us all. But please don’t worry about me if you want to cook some meat.


Helo Pawb, sorry to have kept you waiting, but the last few days were a bit manic… :sweat_smile:

I guess I would be no 9 then???

Gosh, I am so much looking forward to the bwtcamp (although I am still pretty in the beginning…) Now, here we go:

My name is Ingrid and I am from Germany (but I will move to Lampeter next December, just before Boris slams the door shut in my face :grin: )

Only one of the reasons for wanting to speak Welsh? There are so many… I just felt an URGE to learn it and speak it - I couldn’t resist. I love the sound, I love the idea of a language that goes way back to the roots of the most ancient history of this western edge of Europe. I feel like I am just drawn to Wales and I am curious where this will lead me…

The world is full of interesting things and it is hard to choose, but I am very interested in the history of the British Isles, both the human history and the geological history and how they influence and shape each other.

I love walking and spending quality time in nature… especially in Wales… :slight_smile: and I am very lucky to do that for a living! I don’t need a 20 mile hike, don’t want to achieve or prove anything. Just be out there and enjoy the scents, the birds, the flowers, the grandeur of the scenery… and quite often the rain…:joy:

And I am very much looking forward to meeting you all… :smiley::smiley::smiley:


Now, I just went through all the posts and took some notes, that I can put in my pocket for the bwtcamp (so I can look up quickly to remind myself who wrote what…) I thought, well, that took a few minutes to do, why not share that with you… you might have the same urge to have a backup for a bad memory:

1 Lestyn: wife Cat + 4 children - lives in Llandysul, Ceredigion - loves singing - loves getting up very early

2 Sandra: lives in Port Talbot, but from Pen-y-bont originally - husband, children & grandchildren are all Welsh-speakers - retired, loves swimming, travelling, reading, family history

3 Lisa: lives near Narberth - grandparents used to speak Welsh to her, but she lost it, when she moved to England, wants to claim it back - loves nature and environment and loves reading or watching about it and going out into the countryside

4 Caz: reclaim Welsh heritage - photography, digital art, animal welfare (has 7 rescue dogs, a cat, a rabbit, geese, chicken, ducks and doves ) - TV series Bottom, heavy metal

5 Vanessa: lives in Cardiff, from Ebbw vales originally - been learning for years, but not fluent yet, wants to work in Welsh - rescue dog, theatre, musicals, playing piano

6 Ildikó: lives on Swabian Alb, Germany - Doctor Who etc. made her learn Welsh - addicted to tea, likes walking & reading, baking & cooking with friends

7 Darren: lives in Derbyshire, family from Derry - learns Welsh, because it is a British language - hiking, languages/linguistics, comedy shows, heavy metal

8 Gwylan: from Rhondda Valley, now Bridgend - dog, two cats & nephew - always wanted to learn Welsh (despite bad experience in job) - demanding job, likes sewing (clothes) & patchwork, meditating

9 Andrew: from Vale of Glamorgan, lives in Winchester, 2 girls & dog - grandmother spoke Welsh, now wife and children are learning, too - likes Metallica

10 Ingrid: lives in Germany, but will move to Lampeter - loves ancientness and sound of Welsh - loves history, nature, walking


Hi Andrew, I will be on Bwtcamp with you. :smiley: You wrote you live in Winchester? I am staying between Warnford and Corehampton at the moment, house sitting for a lovely family home with two dogs and a cat. I will be here until middle of march (but will have friends staying over between 9th of Feb and beginning of March). I thought maybe you fancy meeting up for a coffee at some stage? :slight_smile:


Hi Vanessa, I am in on that… I am at the end of level 1 (though I have done some Dysgu Cymraeg as well), so I will probably need a lot of something to get up to level with you guys…:joy:


I’m happy with that. I eat anything so long as it isn’t microwaved in plastic containers… I’m a big fish lover but eat vegetarian half the week anyway so veggy works for me. I like a bit of ‘bara lawr’ for brecwast too but I might be on my own there…?


Hi Ingrid

That sounds like a lovey idea. My address is: Send me a note and we can catch up some time.



Well, I have counted nine of us ! Is there a number ten ?


Yes who are you No 10…


Hello Ingrid,

nice to meet you. May I ask where in Germany you’re from? :smile:
I’m at the end end of level 1 as well, and it’s nice to know not to be alone. I’m confident, though, that we’ll “level up” at the Bwtcamp in no time!

I’m vegetarian, too (meat no, fish yes) but like @carin-harris I don’t mind at all if you want to cook some meat.
I’m the only vegetarian in my family and we often prepare some meat and vegetables separately, so everyone can pick what he or she wants.
We could try this at the Bwtcamp @DaveHedgehog, so your meat cravings will be satisfied :smile:


Hello Pawb,
I too am happy to eat vegetarian. I am an occasional meat eater, but would be perfectly happy to eat vegetarian all week. I do eat fish too.
I am also just about to finish level 1 so there are a few of us at the same level.


I to would be happy with vegetarian but not keen on spicy foods. Love pasta !


I’m also vegetarian (although I do eat fish sometimes) but I do have food allergies- Coconut and Bell peppers


Helo pawb, putting you out of your misery… here I am, Bwtcamper Deg! Seems like the gents will be outnumbered…

I’m Fran, a born and bred Bristolian (heb accent!) now living just outside the city with my gog husband Huw and our two boys Gwilym (5yrs) and Gruff (3yrs).

My main reason for wanting to speak Welsh - to keep up with my boys! Huw speaks Welsh with them and although they don’t speak back in Welsh they understand 100%. I don’t want them all talking behind my back in years to come, and I also hope that if I start using Welsh more at home then it may open the door for our sons to start speaking it too.

Most of my interests and activities have taken a backseat to motherhood in the past few years but singing, dancing, knitting, cycling and baking are all things that I still enjoy from time to time. I love swimming outdoors and may well be up for a dip in the sea in Tresaith in the spring if anyone else is mad enough to join me?!

I’ve been going regularly to a Welsh playgroup with my boys for the last few years and regret not having used the opportunity more to speak Welsh - hence booking onto Bwtcamp, to give me the kick up the derrière I need! (I speak French after learning it at work, and know from that experience that immersion is the best route to speaking a foreign language). If anyone needs a quick run through of the Welsh nursery rhyme repetoire then I’ll be happy to lead the singing :slight_smile:

I’m mostly excited about going on Bwtcamp but also slightly terrified as I’ve not yet finished Level 1 (see my comment above about needing a kick!). Due to the kids and my job I don’t get a lot of free time so apologies in advance if I’m not a frequent visitor to this thread… I’ll be prioritising my SSiW podcasts for the next few weeks! Really looking forward to meeting everyone in Tresaith.

P.S. I don’t like heavy metal music but will do my best not to hold it against anyone else who does enjoy it, Darren and Caz :wink:


Regarding food and dietary requirements, I am omnivorous but also what is these days rather fancifully termed “Flexitarian” i.e. happier eating vegetarian food than mass produced meat.


Sorry it took me so long :laughing: