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2020 April Bwtcamp **Fully Booked!**


Nice to meet you Fran, no worries life is hectic, we were just all excited to find out who bwtcamper rhif deg was. You’re right though, the guys are gonna have plenty of room in their dorm and us girlies will be vying for space & showers (which from reading past blog posts are a bit intimidating being communal…) I’m sure we’ll work it all out between us. I’ll keep the heavy rock on the back-burner, you’re ok lol. Looking forward to meeting everyone, excited, nervous but up for the challenge (I think). See you all very soon…


Wow - complete now, brilliant!

Since most other people have stated their dietary wishes and music choices:

I eat anything and will be quite happy to live vegetarian for the week.

Music wise I am very happy with anything from folk to heavy metal. Hiphop makes my nails curl, most other music styles I can happily abide.

But just as a question: Shouldn’t the music be all Welsh, too? I just think singing along Led Zeppelin whilst chopping carrots would be a bit counter productive to full Welsh immersion…

Plus it might be a good opportunity to hear what’s out there, if everyone brings their Welsh music or makes sure they bring SOME Welsh music they like? (I recommend if you haven’t got any yet).

I’ve got some Glain Rhys, Bwncath and Patrobas, which is all mainstream folk or folk-pop



@Camilla_Walker I am from nr Dusseldorf, so hours away from you. But I am barely ever there, in Britain or Wales most of the time doing house sits. At the moment in Winchester. :slight_smile: In the summers I work as a self employed tour and walking guide for German speaking walking holidays - so I am on the road all the time…


By the way - I am delighted that at least a few of you are not much further then I am - that bodes for lots of funny pantomimes…:joy:


@franparry if you switch the on the notifications at the bottom of the page from “tracking” to “watching”, the system will send you what’s going on via email. :slight_smile: That way you won’t miss anything important.


Def all Welsh music. I have some Welsh music CD’s I can bring including one karaoke one courtesy of Nia :slight_smile:


Welsh karaoke… here we go… I love singing, but I am not good at it at all… I hear very clearly that I DON’T hit the right note on a regular basis… so be warned…:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Suits me. I listen to a lot of rock music but love a bit of bwncath too! Listen to alffa and you get both combined!


Here’s the CD/DVD. Nor me Ingrid but it’s fun. Here’s the disc:


Well, that’s a night in the pub sorted…


From what I’ve heard about the earlier Bwtcamps so far, lots of funny pantomimes and misunderstandings is part of the fun, so I’m actually looking forward to it. It’s nice to know we’ll be in this together @Ingrid.L :joy:

It would be great if you brought your Welsh music CD’s @carin-harris! I’m not sure I’ll work up the courage to join the karaoke, but who knows? I might surprise myself :microphone:

Nice to meet you, @franparry :smile:
I would love to learn some Welsh nursery rhymes~


I’m available to attend a bootcamp whenever it is this summer. Missed it twice now. Siomedig iawn!


Who’s learning South and who’s learning North? I’m learning South :slight_smile:


I’m south …


South eto


South here, as well.


South hefyd.


I’m doing south as well.


Hmpf… guess I’m the only gog?


Don’t worry- after a few days I’m sure you’ll have caught the Hwntwvirus. :grin: