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5 minutes of Welsh


So I finally did it! A full 5 minute conversation in Welsh with brother, a first language speaker. We spoke about learning German mostly but discussed how I was tired due to lack of sleep and kids. It was surprisingly straightforward and even though I made mistakes and didn’t know words I found a way around it. It really wasn’t bad and I could have gone on a bit longer.
I’d urge anyone to try speaking to a fluent welsh speaker sooner rather than later. I’ve left a bit too long but it’s amazing how quick you adapt to what is thrown back at you. You do have the tools in the toolbox thanks to this course.


Superb. I’m almost 8 years in and this still describes me. Amazing work. :clap:


Thanks! This past weekend I managed a full half hour in welsh. It was a bit more stilted but I kept going. It’s hard work but I find comfort in the little victories.