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[6 month course] - I listened to my '3 stories' recording, and here's how I feel now


[for people on the 6 month course…:slight_smile: ]


I can hear that my Welsh is flowing better. There is less pauses and I sound more confident.


A need for refinement perhaps but it it flows and reflects a huge measure of confidence that comes from the astonishing progress that 15 wks into SSi6mths gives you.


Actually I was surprised that it sounded better than I remembered despite the odd pause and error. Definitely happy with the progress I’m making even though I still swear at the challenges occasionally :wink:


I am stilted and hesitant and I am not putting the emphasis in the right places but at least I know that I am doing this… but I can hear a slight improvement overall. I hate the sound of my voice though, Surely I sound much better than that? I need some vocal training. :smiley:


This happens to everyone, until they’ve listened to it enough to get used to it (which can take years!). So DON’T give yourself a hard time - those improvements are the vital thing, and they are gold dust - nothing else matters… :slight_smile:


Oh dear! Mine is ‘ofnadwy’ - I must re-record the whole thing!


I was feeling that level two has beaten me, then I listened to my recordings and realised how much I had learned. Levels five and six herei come!


Hmmmm… remember, you almost certainly judge yourself more harshly than anyone else would…


Rather hesitant interlaced with a few heavy sighs and gaps, but I couldn’t do this several months ago so onwards and upwards. Diolch yn fawr


Well, I feel pretty amazed that I could do that. I certainly couldn’t have before I started the course. Diolch yn fawr iawn. My old self is tempted to find someone to tell me all my mistakes and put them right - BUT I have been part of our lovely SSiW family long enough now to know better. I had difficulty understanding some of what I said, so obviously plenty of mistakes. I must have filled a whole jar of peas!


That’s the ticket! :slight_smile: :star2:

@tricia - that shift is so, so important - sighs and gaps don’t matter at all… :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


I’ve actually been doing SSiW largely by myself for a long time now - I’m in the third level, but I don’t get many opportunities to use my new language. I joined the 6-month course after Aran suggested that I may find the ‘extras’ - beyond the formal lessons - useful. I have not quite got to the stage of recording my 3 stories: I had to compose my third one this week.
Well, when I started the 6-month course in March, there was no way that I could have made up even one story, even with two courses and two levels under my belt.
I’m looking forward to having to record them. Three months ago I’d have felt quite nervous about it. So thanks @Aran for the encouragement to do the 6-month course. I’ve already got a lot out of it even without the formal lessons: new ways of using Welsh and, more importantly, a hell of a lot of confidence.


Delighted to hear that, Baruch - thank you so much for your feedback… :slight_smile: :star2:


My voice begins quite calmly because I know I can read my sentances but I do stumble a few times trying to keep a regular speed and as somebody else said, put the emphasis in the wrong place. I did listen to some previous recordings as well and realise this recording shows much improvement . I feel very happy and can hear my progress :slight_smile:


That’s the most important thing of all - well done you! :star2:


Well, I listened to my recording of my three stories. I was correct - I did what I would not have been able to do three months ago. Marvellous. Do I sound like a learner? OF COURSE - if I didn’t, I’d be working for Radio Cymru instead of doing this course!
Great feeling, really :slight_smile: .


Mine is little stilted and there were definitely a few mistakes. BUT I was happy as I was just getting on with it by just sticking in the odd English word where I didn’t know the Welsh and carrying on with the rest of the sentence. Previously my confidence hampered my ability to talk with people, in the sense that if I didn’t know the Welsh for a word that I want to say, my sentences would come abruptly to an end at that point, and that would be that.


Superb! Exactly the kind of skillset you need to be developing… :slight_smile:


Fantastic work Christina. Just think - you’ve composed three short stories in a new language, which is something to be proud of in itself, mistakes and all. And you say that your confidence has improved. Sounds just like my experience actually. Well done!