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6 Month Welsh Speaker Course


Would just like to know for those of you who have completed the 6 month course, where in the list of challenges are you at the end. I have worked out that at just 2 challenges a week, the 6 month course only gets me to the end of level 2. Unless of course, as I progress through the weeks, there will be more than 2 challenges a week so eventually I’ll get to the end of level 3.


The 6 month course gets you through to the end of Level 2… then we have a ‘Deep End’ course for Level 3, or (if you’re happy with the overall approach) you can just access Level 3 with a standard subscription… :slight_smile:


Thanks Aran. Could you explain a bit more about what the deep end course means.


It’s a way of working through Level 3 using the same support and supplementary tasks as you get with the 6 Month course. Have a look here



Thanks Dee. Not ready for it yet but certainly will keep the link for when I get that far.