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A degree in Welsh - starting from the beginning!


If any of you are lucky enough to be in a position where you can think about doing a full-time degree in Welsh - even if you’ve only just started learning, or haven’t even started yet! - then Bangor University have got a super offering for you:


Wow - interesting advert, interesting guy. Is this level 5 - after the advanced Sgwrs :smile:

Rich :slight_smile:


Diolch am rhannu, Aran. Thank you for sharing. Erase time for 28 years and sign me up. Guess I’ll stick with the SSiW method. :smile:


Wow! That’s great! It is weird to watch because I’m from Michigan, went to college just south of Grand Rapids, have been to Grand Haven and my Uncle lives 20 minutes from Grand Rapids. Small world!


This is great, a degree in Welsh would be on my list of things I’d do nowadays if I won the lottery and could give up working! Relaxing in the house and going to lectures without needing a student loan!

I’ve been holding back on my final year choices with Open University in the hope that they finally start offering some Welsh modules, but my pipedream continues!


Small world indeed, Kelly. I spent 10 days working in Grand Rapids some years ago. I stayed downtown at the Amway Grand Plaza but didn’t get to the nearby Gerald Ford Presidential Museum - driving around the lake to Chicago for the weekend appealed more.
Are there any rapids? I didn’t see any.


If I could afford to give up work, I would 100% do this.
Cymru am Byth!


Actually Grand Rapids sits near the Grand River, which many years ago (many, many) the river was known for it’s large or grand rapids. It does not have them much anymore, just a very tame river. I’ve been to the Amway Grand myself, but long ago in my college days.


Do they still sell Sweet-Shot? :sweat_smile::wink: