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A learner's notes on low-budget trips to practice Welsh (South + West Wales edition)


Well, Tatjiana, I didn’t mean to criticize your choices or say there was something wrong with it - if that’s the impression I gave you (I hope not, and if so, that wasn’t my intention)

I mean, if I were interested, say, in a Music Festival taking place in August, I’d just get what I can get!
Or quite a lot of other things may get in the way, or each person may have different needs or priorities.

I just meant - for you or any reader who might have tried to plan a trip in the past but didn’t manage to find a solution - that in different years or even different moments of the year, opportunities may be different (like you saw, Flixbus which wasn’t there, as you say, just to name one).

And of course I was tempted to tempt you to go back - I always sympathize with fellow continental European learners. :wink:

In any case, I think it’s interesting to compare experiences and there’s always something to learn, so thanks for sharing the background story of your trip to Wales! :slight_smile:


This is a very useful resource. I just wanted to add that if anyone was thinking of visiting North or Mid-Wales, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham airports may have more flights available and provide reasonably easy access via train or bus to the northern parts of Wales.


Potentially more expensive, but another route to N Wales could be flying to Dublin and then ferry to Holyhead which has trains and buses.


Sorry I gave that impression. it was just pure feedback of what I could get in the certain circimstances which (my later feelings) maybe ton’t belong here though. You provided pure and superuseful informations here for all to use nad I’ve spoiled that flow. Sorry for that.

Since my life drastically changes in a month or so and my budget with it, too, it probably was one time experience for me which as things look now might never happen again. That’s why I’m even more grateful to all who were there for me in that exciting and yet frustrating time of asking questions, making plans etc.

Diolch. :slight_smile:


Don’t worry, you didn’t spoil anything!
Of course it was a feedback, and another point of view. Sorry about the complications that seem to happen in your life, hopefully it’s going to work out alright. :orange_heart:
I just wanted to make sure my answer didn’t sound judgemental of your choices!


Well, thank you. It actually is not any complication but rather a pleasant thing but one can not have everything in one’s life, can one? So, despite this should be a fairly new and pleasant experience I’m aware of the consequences of low budget it brings with. So, the only option is (for now) to learn Cymraeg on my own with SSi and get in conversation through Skype at least once a week (what I already am doing now).

I hope you’ll update the post every time you come back from Wales with new or changed things so that this super-useful info will always be as fresh as pure water from the mountains. :slight_smile:


Oh, if it’s a pleasant thing it’s alright - despite bringing a lower budget along (it happens, with some choices, yes!).

Maybe…hills…but I’ll do my best! :wink:

Actually contributors, especially for the Gog side which I still haven’t managed to reach for various reasons*, are very much appreciated. Thanks @margarethall and @johnwilliams_6 (by the way I have kept en eye on a few other airports, but not enough I see, and never considered Dublin, so I’ll add it to my options)!


Really helpful info even for me driving from Oxford. Thank you


If you fancy walking into Wales from the midlands - then you can walk the heart of Wales trail


Thank you - it sounds like a great trail.