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I think the people doing them would have to put ‘north’ or ‘south’ in the post, which might help a little bit…


Thank you to those involved in moving my post to the right thread! And so chuffed to earn a green badge too :smiley:

It’s amazing how much you learn from listening to and working out the answers you get from others. As they’re recordings, you can go back and listen to any bits you’re not sure of - challenges are good! The experience also flags up things to watch out for in real time chats.

And with the wonderfully supportive Forum family, you know that someone will come to your aid if you stay stuck, or be there to encourage you… or just rejoice in your progress.
Dw i’n joio da iawn dysgu Cymraeg gyda SSiW :slight_smile:


Okay, thanks. On another note, I was really interested in hearing you speak on Radio 2 last week about the theory behind SSiW. Is there a thread on here with more information about these aspects?


Ooh, good question - um - don’t know, is the short answer - lots of bits and pieces all over the place - and a fairly early stage overview called ‘High Intensity Language Training’ on Kindle - I’ve made a start on a ‘pull it all together’ book, but keep failing to find the time to finish it… there’s quite a bit going back a while on the blog, too: :slight_smile:


Hah…like the FAQ page? The SSiW History Page is linked there. :+1:


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