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access to course material


does anyone know how long you keep access to the SSiW materials after completion of the course? diolch yn fawr iawn!


Off the top of my head, with the fixed courses, you always keep access - with the subscriptions, access stops with the subscription - we haven’t really thought this through in huge detail, but our intention is certainly not to stop anyone from accessing stuff they’ve paid for and worked through, that would just be rude. :slight_smile:


I was on the very first 6 month course and can still access the lessons through the weekly emails.


Hi Darth, With bwtcamp and the current promo underway (and everything else) it’s hectic, but someone will get back to you soon to see you sorted out!


Hi @Sionned, crossed wires I think? No need for a response, thanks.

The question was how long do you keep access to course materials, once course has ended.
I responded to say that I still had access to the modules from the first 6 month course,via the weekly emails I was sent.
Great customer service.


You should also have access to them on the site itself, through the control panel, unless we’ve messed up there… :slight_smile:


I have completed the six month course and still have access to the dedicated Slack workplace for the six month and 6 minute course.
I appreciate this as I am still learning from queries people have raised and on the other hand you can help newcomers sometimes with queries or chats, I also enjoy the Group Video sessions either following on YouTube and occasionally taking part if they aren’t busy and giving priority to people who are currently doing the course.
It’s also good to catch up with Friends who completed the course at the same time as me. A big thank you for enabling old six monthers to continue having this camaraderie and continued learning practice.


I do indeed, never even thought to look for them there.
Thank you.:+1: