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Am I doing it right?


Thank you so so much for all the tips and links and material, that’s great! Your help is much appreciated!!


…and I’ll figure out how to answer to posts more elegantly hahaha.

Until then @garethrking I’m German and whenever I say something in Welsh to any of my friends they get this dreamy look with a soft yet broad smile. The sound of Welsh seems to be hitting a soft spot. It sounds just like such a wonderful and mysterious language and like the greatest adventure exploring it! Hahah sounds awful, but it’s so true! And if your son is looking for a chat partner sometime, I’d be glad to get in touch with him. I’m not much help about Welsh yet, but I can surely help out with some German practise. Just send me a message, I’ll give you some information on who I am, what I’m doing etc. and then you and your son can decide whether that might be a match!


That’s because it is! :slight_smile:

I will mention your offer to my son when I speak to him next - das ist sehr nett von Dir! :slight_smile:


I don’t understand why most of my compatriots resist this evident fact. Must be some latin DNA thing.

However this suddenly reminded me that despite being the first foreign language I’ve ever heard, I never managed to learn German.
And when I tried to say a few words in a shop in Austria, and the lady didn’t seem to understand, I realized I was actually using Welsh.
So maybe they’re more linked than I would think. :thinking:


I think that’s very heroic, Gisella - more people should do this when visiting German-speaking countries. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


I was thinking at the weekend actually, about the vocab theory thing and it occured to me that I’d actually forgotten what nouns/verbs/adjectives are because I’ve not had to think about English theory since having to pass exams at school. And the fact that I’ve forgotten what they are, doesn’t affect my ability to speak English. I guess what I’m trying to say (dw’i isio trio dweud i think?!) is it helped to relax my thought processes. Just recognising when something sounds right is working for now at least:-) As Aran says, don’t worry about it :slight_smile:


Indeed Aran is right that one should not allow oneself to be worried by grammar. And you are right that grammar is not really needed when speaking one’s native language - it is already prewired from infancy, really. On the other hand, when acquiring a language in adulthood a certain level of grammar can, I think, be beneficial in clarifying structures and patterns that might otherwise seem random or opaque. :slight_smile:

I was not here. I did not say this. :wink: