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Amdanon (?) Level 2 Challenge 13 SW


I am struggling with the amdanon (?) in this pattern:
Wnest ti wylio’r ffilm 'na o’n ni’n siarad amdanon (?)
/Is/ it amdanon (to go with o’n ni, presumably)?
I can’t hear that there is a n on the end, but amdano feels like it makes no sense as there’s no 3rd person masculine anything in this sentence.
It definitely doesn’t seem to be amdani (to maybe go with the feminine ffilm).
The vocab list doesn’t seem to show it (apologies if I have missed something).
Would be great if someone could clarify please.


I would say amdani to refer back to y ffilm but I would need to listen to it, to confirm what is being said. Do you know how far into the Challenge it is?


It’s at 14:46 Deborah - thanks a lot.


OK, they definitely say amdano but strictly speaking it should be amdani. Welsh speakers can be a little “relaxed” when it comes to always getting the gender of things right.

Well done for spotting that! When you can pick up little “errors” made by first language speakers, your ear for Welsh is becoming very finely tuned!


Thanks a lot Deborah, makes sense now!