Amikumu - the free app for finding learners/speakers of other languages


Hooray, Richard from Amikumu reset my password for me and now I’m logged in again! :grinning: Many thanks to you too,@dee, for getting in touch with him.

@Pincher, I can see your message there now — my a wra gorthybi dhis ena yn Kernewek diwettha… re skwith ov lemmyn. :wink: :sleeping:


Hmmm, one more thing before I go to bed — I’ll be attending the London Cornish class at the City Lit institute on Friday and I should tell them about Amikumu too! We might get a few more members who can then spread the word further. :slight_smile:


Absolutely! Amikumu only works if it gets a decent number of subscribers. If you can spread the word amongst Cornish speakers/learners that would be brilliant.