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An exciting change coming down the pipes


Ti byth yn stopio, ndwyt?


Sounds great, I would sign up and pay, depending on the cost - Judith James


This sound’s really exciting. For those of us that have finished level 3 will it build on that? Since finishing level 3 I’m still finding it difficult to continue learning at the same pace I was when doing levels 1-3. So anything that would be like a level 4 would be much appreciated!


Aran, my only concern is if this would lose the wonderful human pronunciation we’re getting with the “manual” tutor? Your “don’t worry about it” is one of the things that keeps me going :slight_smile:

But if it’s just an adaptive algorithm to point you at the right point in lesson materials similar to what we have now, I’m all for it!


Wow, such amazing news! Can’t wait to see how it looks.

I don’t hang around here so much anymore because I’m focusing on building my vocab, listening and reading skills, but I had Radio Cymru on yesterday while trying to assemble our new flat-pack bed when @aran appeared to say that something like 40,000(?!) people were now learning with SSiW. Surely that can’t be right? That’s astronomical!


sounds great but i am slow


with my heart in my mouth I will accept your terrifying offer of an ‘automatic Welsh tutor’.


I think I said 50k-60k - it was Hywel, I think, who said 40k, so I didn’t want to disappoint him (and only have a vague general idea, but I think that’s not too far off the mark) - but fingers crossed we’re getting closer to being able to make much more serious pushes in England and north America… :slight_smile:

And nice to ‘see’ you, Sam! Hope you’re keeping well… :slight_smile: And with listening, I do strongly recommend our advanced content - often tough, but really, really valuable…


sounds good to me!!


Fantastic idea !


Sounds great! :blush:


Dw medwl didorol methu aros


Fi chwaith! Nor me! :slight_smile:

I’m told that we’ve done a good first step with getting the code we need ready for this, and that we’re now looking at how it works with interfaces and so on - the most optimistic guess I’ve heard for starting to release is about a month or so, the most cautious is by next January, so it will probably be somewhere between those two… :wink:


Here’s a North American still working it out and doing the best I can here.
I have long been wanting an AI way of learning as well!


@aran I check this feed ever so often anticipating an update on the virtual tiwtor. I have a live tiwtor too and won’t stop that but I think this would be a great supplement. I am willing to beta test if needed.
Sometimes for fun I use the Macsen app put out by Prifysgol Bangor to ask it’s preloaded questions in Cymraeg.
I am sure this new software will be more flexible.


It will be, and we’re getting closer and closer all the time - currently hoping that we’ll be able to start test-driving the first layer in January… :crossed_fingers: :slight_smile: