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An exciting change coming down the pipes


Just seen and answered your other post! What you describe sounds absolutely normal, particularly with the perfectionism stuff - roll with the punches, don’t worry about the long sentences (just say what you can and listen carefully to the models) and keep on moving on, and you’re doing exactly the hard work that will get your brain functioning in Welsh :slight_smile:


Hello! This sounds amaze. As well as letting you set difficulty levels, will it let you know what difficulty level it recommends. I can imagine feeling a bit stuck deciding whether to cruise on easy or push on to more difficult.


In the fullness of time, we’re going to be able to do more and more assessment of how people are doing in realtime, with speech recognition and stuff, and that will allow us to start to nudge a bit - but to begin with, that stuff won’t be available to us, so it’s just going to have to be a personal choice - but you’ll know you’re doing really valuable work even on the ‘easy’ setting :slight_smile:


@aran…would love to hear how progress is going on this effort.



We’ve got a version operational for English-for-Mandarin-speakers, so the next step - which we’re just starting on now - is to import the Welsh course into the same system. Not sure yet how long that’s going to take, could well be a few months…