And the WINNERS of the 2018 Online Eisteddfod are:


@tatjana I’m no star! I just enjoy trying to use what I’ve learned :blush: Set yourself one of your “challenges” that you will enter next year!

The stressful time has mostly abated, so I’m hoping to finish the last challenges of Level 3 soon. Sorry to the winners that I’ve derailed this thread, because it’s not about me, it about the wonderful people that did such a great job THIS year!


Thank you so much!

My account is in my previous name though, any chance it can be updated on here?

I thoroughly enjoyed this, although I only did the one entry, I was stunned to win.


Thanks so much for hosting this online event. This is such a fun motivator for me to work really hard on something (at least once a year!). This was my first ever attempt at Cerdd Dant, and the puzzle of the choices possible made it an extra wonderful to work on.