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Anglesey meet up


Is there a possibility of a meet up on Anglesey. My husband is learning and currently on level 2. He’d like to practice conversation with others who are at a similar level. I’m his Welsh speaking wife and would gladly help facilitate.


@jonathan-bonnick I’m sure there will be other people happy to take part in a meetup with you and your husband. I’m the person who writes the weekly newsletter, so I’ll include a mention of this post in next week’s edition and let people know.


I’m going to send you a private message as I have something you both may (or may not!) be interested in helping with. Look for the green dot by your avatar in the top bar, click on your avatar and then on the little envelope icon to see it)


Would love to have regular meet up on Anglesey and know some others who would also be interested . Any idea where to meet? Maybe somewhere like the Holland Arms cafe?


Hi, I live near Holyhead, but happy to travel. I’m up for a meet up! Currently on level 1 doing the 6 minutes a day but very conscious I need to start speaking Welsh with others and practicing in a “safe” environment would be great! Wendy



Thank you for replying. Im Jon’s wife and I speak Welsh so help him along. He’s asking if we could meet at the Gaerwen Arms instead as he fears the Holland Arms will be noisy.
Is next Thursday afternoon ok for you?


Hello Wendy
If you can read my reply to Margaret, I’m suggesting meeting at the Gaerwen Arms next Thursday afternoon . Is this ok for you.



Fabulous what time are we meeting? It will be good to meet other Welsh learners who won’t mind when mistakes are made!


Is 2.30 ok?


Is 2.30 ok?


Yes, that is great. Many thanks for arranging this.I am looking forward to meeting you and speaking some halting Welsh with live people rather than via zoom. I always enjoy the zoom sessions but there is no substitute for real life.
See you at 2.30 next Thursday.


Just checking for the newsletter - this is Thursday 11 Nov, at 2:30 in the Gaerwen Arms, Chapel St, Gaerwen LL60 6DW

If that’s all correct, I’ll put a note in next week’s newsletter in case someone missed it this week :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m going away for a few days to visit family on Thursday so unfortunately can’t make it. If you arrange another meet up could you let me know. Diolch yn fawr.


Will keep you informed.


We had a good meet up today so will be having another one next Thursday, November 18th, 2.30 at the Gaerwen Arms in Gaerwen. New attendees welcome.



Yes, those details are correct. I’ve checked with the pub and they’re happy for us to meet there.


Hello Wendy
We had a good meet up today so are meeting again next Thursday 2.30 at the Gaerwen Arms. Hope you can make it.


We had a good meet up today so are having another next Thursday , November 18th 2.30 at the Gaerwen Arms, Gaerwen. New attendees welcome.

Post-Pandemic Meetups

Sorry I missed this.


Hi sorry I missed this,would like to attend the best.