Announcing: our new '6 Month Welsh Speaker' course


Thanks for setting this up -hope I make a “breakthrough” thanks to it !


Talk to us any time you’re feeling uncertain, and we’ll keep you pointed in the right direction - and then it’s just a matter of keeping moving until you discover it’s really working… :slight_smile:


And I’ve signed up! I’m on Level 1/challenge 11 now after years of not having confidence to siarad Cymraeg except to animals and little children. I think the 6mws may be a bit basic for me, but I think I’ll benefit from the speaking practice. Happy to invest £50 - I’m sure I owe @aran that much for my progress so far!

I have a definite goal - I’m hoping to get involved in local politics and it’s really not possible with just Saesneg here in Gwynedd.


Hi Aran,

Would this course be suitable for me or would I be better off waiting for the next more advanced one? My written Welsh has come on leaps and bounds since Pwllheli last August but my speaking has stalled. The teaching sabbatical rather destroyed my confidence.


LOL! :grin: I find myself doing the same thing with mwy (more), which I persist in confusing with the Afrikaans mooi (beautiful).


If Level 1 Challenge 11 is the furthest you’ve got with us, the last, er, three-quarters of 6mws should put you under plenty of valuable pressure… :slight_smile: We’re serious about getting you to confident conversational Welsh in that time… :slight_smile:

@colinwilliams-1 Oh, no, I’m so sorry to hear that about the sabbatical - you were flying in Pwllheli, I’d never have considered needing to talk English to you again. I don’t think the 6 month course is the right fit for you - the more advanced one will definitely be closer to what you need to be doing - but if you’d like to hop on the 6 monther just for a few nudges in the meantime, let me know and I’ll get you set up with access - as a thank you for the awesome effort you put in for those 5 days in Pwllheli… :slight_smile:


Diolch Aran. Do’n I ddim mo’yn i siomi i ti. Dw I wedi bod yn dsgyu llawer o Gymraeg ers ro’n i’n ym Mhwlleli. Dw i wedi colli hyderus pan sairad. Mi eisiau i fy dechrau cicio (neu cicio dechrau) dw i’n meddwl dw i’n ar bwys I headfan dw i ddim yn roi y ffidl yn y to. Bydda i’n derbyn di gynnig caredig dy. Diolch


Ebostia fi - wnawn ni setio chdi i fyny :slight_smile:


Diolch @aran - I shall be a proper show-off for the first couple of weeks… :blush: Then I’ll have to wear a dunce’s cap! :confounded:



aka we’ll be wasting your time slightly for the first couple of weeks, and then you can get into the fun of learning… :slight_smile:


Think I’m ready to sign up for the 6-month course. Has the price gone up to £100?


I think the price has increased to £100


Yes, it has - but you haven’t missed it by much - drop us a line at and I’m sure we’ll be able to figure something out… :slight_smile:


Well, I’ve done it now: I’ve signed up for the 6-month course. Gwych!!!


I’ve signed up! I think this will be the practice I really need!


It’s a great course with a good community behind it.


Ydych chi’n rhedeg cwrs siarad I ddysgwyr profiadol rhywbryd? Mae fy sgiliau siarad yn wan iawn ac dw i’n teimlo’n hoffwn i wneud rhywbeth amdano fe yn fuan.


[answering in English because we have a policy of keeping it English on the forum so it doesn’t start to seem impenetrable to our new learners :slight_smile: ]

We’re going to do an ‘In at the Deep End’ kind of thing for advanced learners - but in the meanwhile, I’d strongly recommend jumping in with the Welsh Speaking Practice group - see - nothing beats one-on-one conversational practice… :slight_smile:


Oh well, I’ve done it now. I’ve signed up for the 6 month course I hope I can keep up - I’m nervous and excited to the same degree!