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Another SSiWer on Radio Cymru


Haia pawb!

I was so excited when I got a message from Radio Cymru asking me to be on “Benbaladr”.
I was super nervous but… I survived :wink:

Here’s the link: (my part starts at 20:25)


I wouldn’t know you were a learner :grin: I’m still doing level one so can’t understand much on radio yet. So brave and da iawn.


What a lovely interview - fantastic Welsh and fantastic pronunciation - very impressive :+1: :+1: :+1: …and a great plug - and advert - for SSIW!

Rich :slight_smile:


Waw. Wonderful Welsh, and a fantastic advert for the Welsh language (and SSiW).


Hey, once started nothing could stop you! :smiley:
Well done, your Welsh sounds great! :+1::+1:


That was really brilliant! Llongyfarchiadau!


That was great, so impressed!


Interview ffantastig, Susanna! I’ve heard you speaking naturally here in Cymru of course, but to hear you so relaxed and fluent on the radio is amazing! :clap:


Wow!! Incredible! Dylet ti deimlo’n falch ohonot to dy hunan!

You spoke wonderfully - you sounded completely relaxed. I understood quite a bit though did have a sneaky look up some words… as was pretty sure you weren’t talking about wolves… :sweat_smile:

Great mention of Bwtcamp! and I loved what you said about your reasons for learning Welsh :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart: Xxx


Astounding, you sound so natural, a great ambassador for SSiW and I aspire to get to your standard one day. Wowza


Yes, great. I happened to be listening to the radio when it came on. you sounded so natural.


Da iawn Susa. Roedd e’n hyfryd i glywed ti a’th sgiliau SSIW!

Well done Susa, it was lovely to hear you and your SSIW skills!


Have to agree with all the positive comments - really fluent and confident-sounding, and very clear. Da iawn!


da iawn ti!! So comfortable, really impressive! :smiley: