Any Welsh learners in Aberystwyth?


Shwmae, a chroeso i Gymru!
It’s good to hear you’re settling into the Welsh language and are confident enough to practice at group meetings already - da iawn i chi!

I live in Bro Morgannwg (Vale of Glamorgan), which is quite far from Aberystwyth, but I am planning a visit there for a few days in late November. Nothing is final yet, as I’m also planning a trip to South East England to see family and friends around the same time. I noted that you will be here for three months, so by that time - if you’re still here, of course - you should be conversationally active in Cymraeg! I will post something nearer the time when I know if I can definitely go, as I will hope to get a group of us to meet while I’m there.

In the mean time, I hope you enjoy Aberystwyth and get to see more of West Wales while you’re here. Also, I hope you continue to enjoy your Welsh learning journey!

Gav :slight_smile:


No, I live on the other side of the mountains in Powys, but Aber is one of our nearest ‘big’ shopping towns.

Good luck with your learning and whatever else you’re in Wales for. I presume it’s something academic?


Thanks, Gav! Yes, do write to us in November and we can plan something when you’re planning your visit here…

@robbruce – Thank you! I’m here on a writing and translation fellowship, hosted by Aber University :slight_smile:


Hello :slight_smile: @bobi, baravin is a huge hang out for locals as well so you will get a fair bit of Welsh in there as all their staff at least used to speak it. Welsh speaking owners.

I’m Rach and @mohinigupta welcome to our lovely country. I was really pleased to see your thread as I’m from Aber and I started using the app about 3 weeks ago, having a look on the forums for the first time last night.

@nicky I saw your post last night about leaving ssiw CDs in the two big Welsh pubs, lovely idea. When I’m a bit braver I might have to seek you all out. @aran and the ssi team, thanks so much for producing such a good app. Welsh is in my family but I was brought up in Birmingham so never learnt. I tried a few years ago but was put off by someone at work assuming I neither spoke Welsh nor had any interest in learning. I’ve always understood bits and made a massive effort to make my work area bilingual and promote the use of Welsh with students who wanted to use it. I have more time on my hands now so I’m finally getting round to it again!


Good luck, Rach - keep us posted how it goes! - and thank you very much for your kind words :slight_smile:


In case you missed my Welsh cameo on Radio Cymru on Sunday 22nd Oct, I’m pasting a link to the Bwrw Golwg episode here: (you can hear me after 10.30)

This is by far the most challenging and exciting thing I’ve done since I moved to Wales a month ago – spoken in Welsh for two minutes explaining the significance of the Indian festival Diwali!

Also, I can finally use the phrase “dw i wedi bod yn dysgu Cymraeg am biti mis nawr” :smiley: Thanks, @aran!


Superb - well done, Mohini!

We had our own little Diwali celebration on Friday night (which basically just means curry and lots and lots of candles) - it reminds Catrin of her time as a nanny with a Hindi family, and it reminds me of my time as a child in Sri Lanka… :slight_smile:


Amazing! Sounds great!
Enjoy the rest of your time in Aberystwyth!


Sadly, not for much longer:

I’m a bit shocked. I was planning to make a visit before too long. And I can’t even make the farewell party this weekend :disappointed:


Aw that’s a shame! I was hoping to pay a visit when I come to Aberystwyth next month! :pensive:


I’m horrified this has happened before SSi can afford to buy it and set it up as a museum to the effects of alcohol on learning Welsh… :frowning: :frowning:


I was half expecting you to announce an SSi take-over bid and launch Bar Bŵtcamp, where people wander in for a pint and end up locked in for a whole week of permanently drunken Welsh.


The Cwps doesn’t actually shut until tonight. Geraint hasn’t exactly made that public info - I think he fancied a couple of quiet nights before the place closed.

However, me putting that on a public forum probably changes that!!!

The Cwps will sadly close, but the brewery in charge are very much still in the hunt for a new landlord/landlordess - so here’s hoping that any closure may just be a very temporary thing.

With the students back in town, it really has been packed for the last 6 weeks or so.


[looking with beady eye at Nicky]


You probably wouldn’t believe how many people have said this to me over the last month!!

Sadly, the world of Technical Architecture is too safe a world to leave…

…also, walking home from Y Cwps after a shift wouldn’t have the same feel as crawling home up Min-y-Bryn absolutely hanging :slight_smile:


[squint intensifies]…


I have booked my hotel. I will be arriving on the 29th November (from 2pm Wednesday) and staying until the 1st December (Friday). :smiley:

So, if anyone would like to meet up for sgwrs Cymraeg, or arrange a group meet sometime in those days, let me know!

Gav :slight_smile:


I found this out when I randomly walked in last night to check if they’re closed already, so I will definitely drop in there tonight, for a Halloween-style farewell! :slight_smile:


Ah, you both are connected to South Asia in some way then! I hope you plan a visit to India soon, so that I can get a chance to practice Welsh in New Delhi! :smiley:


[another piece of the jigsaw for my long dreamt of ‘Can we travel round the world visiting Welsh speakers please Catrin?’ campaign… :slight_smile: ]