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Anyone here?


Bore da everyone, I’ve just joined and I’m in the New England area.

I started learning Welsh last year via Duolingo, then graduated to SSIW. I’m still at the beginning (Level 1) but I wanted to see if there was anyone else out there? I’m interested in new friends, connections, questions, practice, all the normal forum things, but at this moment, it looks like no one has posted in this category for 6 months or so.

So…anyone out there?



@violetsnow is in your part of the world. Welcome to SSIW.


Thanks, @margaretnock . I have messaged Sara directly.
I’ve been following your marvelous fiber creations on FB.




Hi, there. I’m in Southern California, so at least we’re on the same continent!


I understand that there are a number of Welsh societies in North America, whom will have some Welsh speakers and learners, so could be useful for finding people locally? Perhaps there is one near you:


Dw i’n byw yn Michigan.


I just joined SSiW, too, after beginning with Duolingo. I’m still getting myself accustomed to the forum, so I haven’t really interacted with anyone yet. But I’m here (in Ohio) plugging away at the challenges and hoping to make some connections. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m in Maryland (near the panhandle–not the Metro area). Like a lot of you, I started with Duolingo and took the SSiW plunge once I was confident I’d stick with it (I’ve tried, and mostly failed, at learning German, Japanese, Korean, and French already. Welsh is the only language with which I’ve had any luck).

I’m always lurking about, but I’ve only tried posting recently. Oh, I’ve meant to–it’s been on my to-do list from the start–but, as I’m not a social person by nature, I somehow mentally categorized it as “work,” and so found reasons to put it off.


@beth-ernest What part of Michigan? My family is from the Detroit / Warren / Macomb area.