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Anyone in Cardiff on the 15th or 16th?


Sorry, for being slow in responding to this.
Party Ponty, sounds great, also the proposed Sunday SSiW meet up.
I am about all weekend.


I vaguely remembered you being ‘mostly veggie’, Milla, so I wasn’t sure. We can always add a bit more veggie stuff, although my kids are going to want their roast chicken!

Sadly, I haven’t tried to get a drink on a Sunday night in Barry Island for many years! There used to be a lovely place, The Dolphin, where you could sit and look out over the bay, but it closed. Surely there must be somewhere else nice - @faithless78, can you help? Barry has other places of course, but I feel it would be nice to show them the bay if the weather’s nice.


I believe Coffee Cove opens until 9pm on a Sunday, and until 10:30-11pm Friday and Saturday nights, but I will need to check. They serve wines, beers and cider if you don’t fancy coffee, and there is seating outside too!

Then there’s Finnegans Inn by the station. only problem there is that it doesn’t overlook the bay, and it is rather pricey there too.

Unfortunately, the Dolphin is still closed.


I was thinking Sunday as @Karla doesn’t arrive until then.

Coffee Cove sounds good.Or if we didn’t make it to Barry Island, The Ship is very close to our house and Barry station. It’s ok, and you can sit outside, but it’s nothing special. People could always go for a walk round the coast and end up there.

But actually I might not even make it in the evening, so maybe I should shut up and let you take the lead on Barry hospitality, @faithless78!


The Ship does lovely food, if anyone is hungry!! :slight_smile:

I guess we could just see what pans out. For much of Sunday day I will be spending with my mam, probably going for walks around the Vale, but she usually turns in around 7-7:30pm, so after that I’ll be able to join everyone else. It’s a matter of where @Karla and @Novem want to go for the evening. I’ll just catch up with you all when I become available.


I wonder if anyone from the Barry SSiW updates thread would be interested in joining you? @arianrhod? @annsimons?


Great idea! I don’t normally get to coincide with the Barry group…


I guess I could always hijack @arianrhod’s email list!


I’m happy with anything, to be honest, unless of course @Novem has a particular preference one way or the other… :slight_smile:


Nope, also happy with anything :blush:


Just to clarify my earlier point. My Mistake!!!

Parti Ponty is only on Saturday 15th, there is no Sunday event (other than probably a big clean up!)


Now know that I definitely will not be able to join with any of your plans as my granddaughters are arriving on Saturday. Hope you all enjoy yourselves and hopefully will catch up with some of you at the Eisteddfod. We will be there Wednesday evening to Saturday late afternoon.


Hi! Just caught up with this thread - thanks Dee and Netmouse for copying me in. I’m walking in West Wales at the moment. Great idea. Looks like the email list hasn’t been hijacked yet, so will send a preliminary message round to see who’s about. Then we can firm things up when time and place have been sorted.

I’m impressed Karla will chance Barry Island after last time - it was New Year’s Eve and the storm of the century hit as we met up off the train!


Thanks @arianrhod for sending a nice email round!

It looks like we’ll probably be in Sant Ffagan on Sunday afternoon then head back to somewhere in Barry afterwards. It would be lovely for anyone else to join at any point!


Okay, so, I guess I should try to plan Saturday a bit! :sweat_smile:

I’m not very good at this, so what about I just go to Cardiff at some point and you tell me when you’re free? I can walk around and see some things I want to see in the meantime. Or I’d be happy to go to Parti Ponty if someone else wanted to go too (@Y_Ddraig_Las?) and then come back in the afternoon/evening to meet @AnthonyCusack and @AnneEvans? Any better ideas? Is this fine for you all? :smile:


I’m happy to meet up with everyone on Sunday evening in Barry.


I am really tempted by Parti Ponty, as I haven’t been to Ponty in a very long time, nothing to do with the harp sessions at all. I would also like to see me pals, Chroma, who are from Ponty!
Really Cardiff is more visitable, but Ponty may give you more chance to speak Welsh and the chance to travel on one of the historic Valley lines Pacer trains, surely high on any tourists list [I’m not the person to advice am I normal types?]

I would suggest going late afternoonish, back in time for an evening meet-up somewhere posh, before the exciting day in Barry (remember to save as many 2p pieces as you can!)


I can’t imagine what the dragon blue is implying…! :unamused:

I think you’re nominated to show her round on Saturday, Gareth!


I don’t think I’ll be able take it to Barry, of you do stay in Cardiff in the evening I’ll come say Helo but don’t change plans just for my sake :slight_smile:


Ooh, then I’m even more interested! Thanks for sharing the programme for the day. I generally prefer smaller places and nature to big cities, so I don’t mind not staying in Cardiff the entire time :slight_smile:

I’m confused :smiley:

I was planning on staying. Not late as I’ll have to find my way back to Barry… At around what time would you be free? :slight_smile: