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Anyone in the cold northern wastes of East Yorkshire?


Wondering if there is anyone here local(ish) to East Yorkshire. Would be lovely to have some ‘real life’ practice at some point.



Hi @Liz-Price

Welcome aboard!

Well…not a million miles away - Yorkshire at least - personally I live in Harrogate…there is a Leeds gathering once a month, on the 4th Saturday in the month, in a pub next to the Train and Bus station.

There is a range of people there from first language speakers to people who have just started. It would be good to see you.

Rich :slight_smile:


Wow. that’s amazing, Rich. Thanks so much. I am VERY much at the start of the learning journey, but very keen, so might well jump on that Leeds train next month!


Yup, come along…come on down! I spoke my first Welsh ‘in the wild’ in the Leeds Tap …which was a bit weird (because we were surrounded by Leeds football supporters :grimacing:!)…but it was also…absolutely great! :blush:

Rich :slight_smile:


Thanks Rich…sounds fun! :blush:


Diolch Rich. What time does it start? Sounds excellent, tho I’m an hour or so further North.


People start arriving about 11.30 on trains and buses…usually runs until to about 2.30 but people arrive and leave throughout- the more the merrier! :smile:

Rich :slight_smile:


Oh, great :grinning: Diolch yn fawr iawn Rich. Is it the Tap?


Fab, thanks Rich :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes it’s in the Leeds Tap which is about 100 metres up the road directly outside the station where the taxis line up (upstream).

We meet upstairs which is slightly quieter (which isn’t the same as quiet!). You can order food if you want, so it ticks most boxes.

Rich :slight_smile:


Great @Liz-Price and @lin-2 - hopefully see you there!

Where are you coming from @lin-2?

Rich :slight_smile:


I am in Hull, but I have stalled on my Welsh speaking atm :frowning:


Hi @paul-brumfitt

What stage are you at - have you been using SSIW?

You’re very welcome to come along as we have people who are at all points - including right at the beginning - you will certainly get some encouragement and possibly a cup of tea or a pint - depending on your preference! :smile:

Rich :slight_smile:


I paid for a couple of months of the “6 Minutes per day” thing but the lessons didn’t seem to be in that format - maybe I misunderstood something :slight_smile:

I saw that you had a monthly meet in Leeds and if I can make time I will try to get there one month.


I see…ah well…you can say a few things then I should imagine but not to worry either way…come along - we have tipyn bach o hwyl :smile:

( Do you have a Wales connection or did you just fancy having a go at Welsh - as a lot of people do?)

Rich :slight_smile:


I am interested in the language as it is likely to have been akin to the language spoken in Elmet. I very much enjoy ancient history particularly that of my native Yorkshire.


Hi Paul,

I’m in Beverley. Where are you up to with your learning (despite the stall)?



I see - yes - there is lots of evidence of the Old North and the old language across the region isn’t there - mostly landmarks or areas.

I was only discussing Ben Rhydding in Ilkley today.

Rich :slight_smile:


Hi @rich. I’m coming from Saltburn on the coast, close to the North York Moors. Your group sounds wonderfully welcoming :grinning: Thank you.
Thanks also to @Liz-Price and @paul-brumfitt.
Look forward to meeting you all on Sat, Aug 31st.


By the way, I’ve just started Week 25 of the Six Month Course, Southern version. Exciting times!