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Anyone in the cold northern wastes of East Yorkshire?


Wow sounds great - good progress!

I did the southern course too - as did Emma and Iona. We have a tamed, first language speaker from Carmarthen - in Geraint

…although I won’t lie to you - there are lots of gogs there too! :wink:

Rich :slight_smile:


Ooo, August is a ‘gotcha’ month - the fourth Saturday is the 24th!

Rich :slight_smile:


Hi Liz, I have been mainly reading so my speaking is at a very low level. I intend to restart the SSiW when I can better fit in the lessons.


Hi rich, I read somewhere that the origins of the name Ben Rhydding are a bit spurious, I need to do more digging. The nearby Chevin is reputedly from Brithanic origins. I am originally from that area btw.


Drat this new calendar! :flushed: Diolch.
Linda :grinning:



Give me a shout when you get going again.


Wow, @lin-2, you are so far on! I think I might need to wait awhile before heading to Leeds. I’m only on week 7 of the 6 min a day course! :blush:


@Liz-Price How are you managing the 6 mins a day course? Do you split the lessons down to 6 mins or do the whole lesson once a week? or did I download the totally wrong thing :smiley:


Hi @Liz-Price

Just come for a chat in Wenglish…it’ll be fun!

The good thing about SSIW is that it lines you up with things to say from the off. Personally I find it is great to catch up with people who are also learning anyway.

We are all in the same boat!

Rich :slight_smile:


Well, @rich I might be feeling a bit more confident by the end of the month :slight_smile:


@paul-brumfitt I’m really enjoying it, Paul. I have a subscription, so @Deborah-SSi sends through each week’s work (I realise it’s also possible to access any week you want here on the forum, but I prefer it to be a bit more ‘controlled’). Anyway, I probably put in about an hour a day (I’m sure it’s possible to split it up into six minute slots, of course, if that’s what you’d prefer), that includes working through around 15 minutes of the speaking/listening challenge and then supplementing this with working on spoken sentences and using Ankiapp flashcards to help with vocabulary (I find this REALLY helpful) . I guess, for me at least, the six minute moniker is simply a name for the particular subscription.

Hope this helps,


@Liz-Price Thanks for the advice Liz, I kinda reckoned that I would have to do the whole speaking/listening challenge in one go :slight_smile: I just need to make room for it in my schedule. I find that Duolingo helps me with my vocabulary though it is geared to De Cymraeg rather than Gogledd so I have to bear in mind some pronunciation and that llaeth is llefrith :slight_smile: I shall try the Ankiapp too.


It’s up to you how you do it @paul-brumfitt, but some people find they start to lose concentration with the Challenges after 10-15 minutes, so take a break and come back the next day, starting from where they left off. It’s common to do them at the same time as something else, e.g. walking the dog, commuting to work, ironing … so you don’t have to find ‘extra’ time for your Welsh learning.

Once you get to the Listening Practices, they are only 5 minutes long, so easy to do in one sitting and slot into your day somewhere.


So @lin-2, @Liz-Price, @paul-brumfitt I’ll be reading a copy of the Western Mail and wearing a red carnation :smile:

…not really :wink: …we are upstairs - I usually get there just after 11.30 dependent on the train…Eileen seems to get there a smidge before me in which case she will be sat there with half a Guinness!

…if you see someone upstairs just say bore da and see what happens!

Rich :slight_smile:


Hi Rich,

Unfortunately, I can’t make it tomorrow (family event), but 28th Sept. is in my diary…got my carnation all ready to go :blush:



Dim problem…it seems like it should be a nice weekend for us all and whatever we are doing :slight_smile:

Y tro nesa!

Rich :slight_smile:


Thanks Rich,

See you next time for sure :slightly_smiling_face:


Mae ddrwg da fi, pawb, ond dw i ddim yn mynd gwneud e yno heddiw.
Unfortunately I’m badly affected by the heat. :disappointed_relieved::rage:
I’ll be there in Oct. Have a great time together a diolch. Tro nesa.
Linda x


Rich - is the Leeds monthly gathering still active (2019/2020)? Just starting out but if some true beginners also there may give it a go occasionally.


Hi @dtbowen

Yep, still going strong - we have the full range of abilities and you will be very welcome!

It will be two years in Feb since I turned up and spluttered my first words in Welsh…which was both a strange and wonderful experience!..I was beginning level two at the time I think…

We have people who have just started and people who are first language speakers (and people like me in the middle) which is a great combination I think.

It is the second Saturday of the month now - so the next meeting is the 11th in Jan if you can make it.

It would be fantastic if you can come

Rich :slight_smile: