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Anyone live near Llanfair TH?


I am having to step back a couple of weeks (to week 8) because I got so far behind but am enjoying this course so much. I just wondered if anyone lives near me [Llanfair Talhaiarn] who could just show me how the Forum, Sound cloud, Slack ‘stuff’ is all supposed to work as I really don’t know what I am doing.


Llanfair TH is near Abergele/Denbigh but hey I can travel!!


I’m maybe a bit far away in Caernarfon, but if you’re ever over this side of an evening…!

In the meantime, have you signed up for the regular email? It lists various groups and meet-ups. You might find someone via that. To get yourself on the mailing list, email admin@saysomethingin , but I’m also tagging @dee for you here, as she can perhaps put a shout-out in the next one anyway. :slight_smile:


Hello Greg-9. I’m in Llanddulas and would be happy to help you


Brilliant thanks. I am in Leicester today but am around most of the rest of the week. my mobile is 07970915619. Let me know when would suit you.
Thank you


OK Greg. I’ll be in touch over the next couple of days to sort out meeting up