Anyone want to discuss "Un Bore Mercher" (S4C)? - warning - might contain spoilers


So i feel like I’m the worst - I spotted an ad for Keeping Faith in Cardiff and then saw it on BBC iplayer. But now I realise I’ve missed the Welsh version - is there any way you know I could get hold of it, with EN subtitles for the husband?


I can’t give you any definite hope, but two possibilities are

  1. BBC might make it available again on iPlayer. I notice they’ve been making other old stuff available recently (not Welsh especially, just stuff in general)

  2. A DVD might come out. They don’t always do this, but I get the feeling that this series has been quite well promoted and supported, so hopefully they were planning on making some money out of it, and hopefully that might mean DVD sales.


Patience game then, thanks! :slight_smile: Is it worth watching the English in the hope of switching to Welsh later? The same thing happened to me with Hinterland and I’m still kicking myself.


If you can watch the English and want to see it, I’d watch it or you may miss seeing it at all. If you finally get to see the original version, you can play ‘spot the difference’!! :wink:


Regarding USA, this appeared on my Twitter feed (from Eve Myles :slight_smile: )
Take a #SneakPeek at photos from the production of our newest #AcornTV Original #KeepingFaith, starring #EveMyles, shot on the beautiful #Welsh coast! The #KeepingFaith mystery will begin streaming May 7, only on Acorn TV. @TeamEveMyles

I haven’t uploaded the pics.
Check out @TeamEveMyles on Twitter to see them.
Cheers, John.


Dw i wedi newid clywed am Un Bore Mercher. Chwech mis rhy hwyr.
Ydy unrhyw ffordd i weld e nawr?
(Learner, mind)
I have only just heard about Un Bore Mercher. Six months too late. Is there any way to watch it now?
Oes unrhwy un yn gwybod?


I have just found this:

I know nothing about this site or how reliable it is. But it might be worth a try?

Either way, as I advised someone else, it might be worth watching the episodes of “Keeping Faith” that are available on iPlayer before they disappear.


Thanks . I will try it.
I did watch Keeping Faith and thought it was excellent


My siblings have decided to binge watch it before it disappears


I wrote to S4C and received this disappointing answer, about Un Bore Mercher

Diolch am gysylltu ag S4C.

Roedd Un Bore Mercher, ar gael am gyfnod estynedig ar ein gwefan ar alw ac ar BBC iPlayer, ond yn anffodus, mae’r cyfnod darlledu ar-lein bellach wedi dod i ben.

Nid oes unrhyw gynlluniau i ailddarlledu’r gyfres ar hyn o bryd, ond fe all fod yn rhan o’r amserlen yn y dyfodol.


Did someone already say recently that they were re-showing “Un Bore Mercher”?

Well, I’ve just realised that it’s being re-shown now, and they are already up to episode 2:

Did someone also say this was a prelude to a series 2? I guess that’s coming up soon then.

Available world-wide, also.


(Radio) interview with Eve Myles:

Also, Keeping Faith starts at 21:00 on BBC1 tonight 12th July 2018


Just been past the police station. :grimacing:


Filming for series 2 :grinning: Bracelet Bay, Gower


Yesterday in Wind Street, Swansea :slight_smile:

Ive got pics of Eve grabbing a sandwich
Bad news for Yellow Coat fans. Blue coat this time by the looks of it .


Cot las? :grimacing: