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Anyone watching Pobol Y Cwm? Rownd a Rownd? New Hangout to discuss soaps 🎬


Just watched THE episode…


Now we have to work out, did she jump or was she pushed? How many suspects are there for the pushing? The story doesn’t stop here…


Or was the strain too much for her already dicky heart?


Probably not as it is PYC and I was half expecting the policeman to leave Hywel’s house with Hywel in handcuffs. However, it could also have been Ffion or was it Gethin? Did someone not have their hair done the way they wanted…? Will this be a PyC story over in two days or will this one run and run?


Me too!


And me!

I just watched it this morning and nearly choked on my miwsli! I had NO idea that was coming.


I knew someone was going to die, but at Bwtcamp Therapy @Macky and @Sylv manage to persuade me it was going to be Gary! They were in on the secret after the special screening!


I did have an idea someone was going to die, as I accidentally caught a mention of PyC on the TV when I was staying with @ali last week and saw a coffin, but I turned away quickly so I was hoping I was mistaken and that was for another programme!


I didn’t know what to say when Maccy told you that, I can only apologise for letting you think Gary was lost forever :joy:


I had read some weeks ago that two members of the cast would be leaving but never saw that coming.
Is it going to become a case of ‘whodunnit?’
There will have to be an inquest before a verdict of accidental death can be passed and … the door to the flat was open wasn’t it? I’m assuming Sheryl didn’t do it after falling down the stairs?! :thinking:


At the pace things are running at the moment I could well believe that there could be another fatality, possibly Gary. Or, if the past catches up on those that have a bit of a past, then will anyone be left?


You know I wasn’t quite as upset as I may have seemed in the moment … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Quite so. Don’t suppose Chester is going to do any of us a favour with that hammer and lob it at Gwyneth?


Haha you can’t hide your delight knowing the fact it wasn’t him. :innocent:
I’ve just watched Monday and Tuesdays episodes and I’m more confused than everyone else believe you me.
I am Glad everyone knows who died at last. I wonder what happened to her. :thinking::dolphin:


It was on last night? I missed it, I thought it had given way to the coverage of Y Sioe!


Not county show but the eisteddfod I think it gives way for, so on for a bit longer yet. :open_mouth:


Just caught up last night … wow. I knew someone was going to die from the promo advert showing a coffin but they kind of made it obvious. A close up of the ‘closed’ sign on the salon, and pretty much everyone asking where Sheryl is. Ahh well, still good though.

I’m going to throw this one out there as a theory but maybe a bit of a clever bluff. Who else thinks that the post mortem might find a bit of skin from Anita’s face under Sheryl’s finger nail. Anita told Siôn that they have a history of fighting ‘like cat and dog’ (in her words) and she has a scratch on her face which she told Hywel was done with her ring while she was sleeping. Hmm.


So, Sheryl has been dispatched from this world, Vicky has been written out as she has gone to London, possibly Anita and Chester are on their way to jail (actually, half of Cwmderi could be), Cadno and Eifion are going to end up in Australia, Hywel and Gethin are looking increasingly unstable, Gaynor may not survive now she has stood up to her new ‘friend’ (though perhaps Elgan will run off with her)… Who will be left, perhaps Gary and Gwyneth will be running the pub in a year’s time!


It’s like a grand summer cull.
I’m enjoying disliking Angharad much more than Gwyneth. Nice to have your pick of the meanies, isn’t it?


I’ve been wondering if Gwyneth pushed Sheryl down the stairs - after all, she has form for violence and she was pretty annoyed at Sheryl turfing her out of the flat.