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Anyone watching Pobol Y Cwm? Rownd a Rownd? New Hangout to discuss soaps 🎬


I saw Gary on a train once with another woman. I did wonder at the time if I should text Dani :wink:




DJ Nooooooo!!!


But why? Gwyneth will have some ulterior motive for this but I can’t see what it can be. And she knows that Britt will walk in any moment, I didn’t see this one coming at all. On the other hand, perhaps it is something to make Britt jealous. Umm, very odd.


Yes very odd, and how stupid is DJ as not too long ago she got him in the same state and set him up for rape. Yep I think Britt is the real target for sure. I should have warned her on Waitrose last week ha. :upside_down_face:


Both DJ and Jason appear to have been replaced by very convincing looky-likies. Unfortunately the looky-likies don’t seem to have watched PYC ever, and are behaving like they just landed in Cwmderi. Why would the real DJ even sit at the same table in the pub as Gwyneth after her last trick, let alone the rest of it? And whilst I imagine that Jason could have kept his habit quiet for years, you’d have thought that soap land would have allowed us one or two more clues before it all went so pear shaped, wouldn’t you?
At least Gwyneth won’t be getting the easy sale on the house that she expected, so her salon plans might be under threat. Not such good news for Sara as I suppose Gwyneth will just put the house on the open market. But I don’t suppose Sara will be worried about buying a house with Jason when the whole truth comes out. :open_mouth:


Is anyone else worrying about Dani and Seren still camping out in a van in this weather? I can’t help thinking they could have conjured up a slightly more convincing reason for her to have a few months off!


Three things I’ve learnt from this week’s episodes:

  1. D. J. puts his coat on in an unusual way.
  2. Sioned isn’t good at maths.
  3. Everyone has a very short memory.


I’m getting very bored with Siôn and Anita and the tŷ haf storyline. I hope that one comes to some kind of conclusion soon.


I think from what Siôn hinted at we’ll see it all come to a conclusion. I think he’s planning on stringing her along then pulling the plug at the last moment leaving her high and dry with egg on her face.

That’s a lot if idioms for one sentence. :smiley:


I hope you’re right! Her constant whinging is getting on my nerves.


I agree and it looks like your wish has come true this evening!


Are we sure that Jason has only lost £7,000? Didn’t he lose all their money (£15k) and hasn’t he borrowed up to the hilt in addition to that? Hasn’t Sara checked yet?


Thought he won back the money he stole from apd which was 15k but not sure. The money was in and out of his account/s like a fiddlers elbow.


I got the impression he was looking at loans online at least once


The truth is out now but I’m not sure we’ve quite seen the end yet…

Is Britt heading to a mental health diagnosis? She seems very manic…


Jason seems pretty unrepentant still, doesn’t he? He says he will do anything to keep Sara and Ifan, but hasn’t really admitted that he’s got a problem, and does an awful lot of eye-rolling and sighing.
If even Gwyneth is sidling away from Britt with a frightened look in her eye, then something major is up. Disappearing and leaving her kids without a word, accusing Colin of using the children to coerce her, laughing one second and throwing things the next. And poor Colin seems to be the only one willing to bring it up.


What did Angela do that was so bad - I mean Ed faked death too, and everyone seems to have forgiven him. Even if she is a thorough bad egg I am struggling to imagine that it can ever be appropriate to get together with your daughter’s ex partner!

I thought I had switched to the wrong programme when we got that long scene of the new family. I am assuming they might become regulars and move to Cwmderi, where I do believe Gary must be in need of a mechanic. Someone should warn them, they seem altogether too happy and functional to fit in!

I do hope Ed is not going to have an affair with Gaynor.


I also thought there’d been a glitch when seeing the new family. They may be happy and functional now, but just wait till soapland has worked its wicked ways on them, one by one.

So do I - but again I fear that with the vast majority of soap characters, sooner or later the storyline dictates that the next ‘affair’ has to be found somewhere, no matter how decent or likeable the characters.


I think she pretended she was dying of cancer and manipulated everyone around her to great effect.
I think when Ed went everyone thought it was a perfectly reasonable reaction to life with Sioned!
Funny how now Sioned is the picture perfect daughter, isn’t it?

Absolutely! Also they seem so mismatched - she looks about 12.