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Anyone watching Pobol Y Cwm? Rownd a Rownd? New Hangout to discuss soaps 🎬


Yes, Angela had them all pitying her and fundraising to send her to the US for special treatment. She tried to convince Eileen (I think) to use the money and go away and have a holiday with her, then come back pretending the treatment had worked. Even Courtney, her own daughter with Jim, thought she was dying, so not much sympathy for Angela when the truth came out.

And Eileen and Jim were already together before Eileen found out Angela was the daughter that she had given up for adoption years before.

Age seems a very flexible thing in Soapland. They seem to age and de-age people whenever they like so almost anyone can get together with anyone else! Sioned is definitely looking younger now they have the Rhys interest going on … and then you have Cassie and Hywel!!


I think I am completely lost now, why haven’t I been watching PyC since it started so that I could understand the relationships. On the other hand, even if I had been watching and was fluent in Welsh I probably would have got just as lost.

So, Angela is Eileen’s daughter but she didn’t know. Did Jim have an affair with her whilst Jim and Eileen were a couple? At what point did Eileen (and presumably Angela) realise they were mother and daughter.

Does this mean that Courtney is Eileen’s granddaughter and Jim’s and Angela’s daughter? And who is Angela’s father, someone still in PyC? Are Jim and Eileen married?

I am so lost I don’t even know if I am asking the right questions.


:rofl: OK … Jim and Angela were married and had a daughter, Courtney. At that time they lived somewhere else. Then they came to live in Cwmderi … or maybe they split up and just Jim came to live in Cwmderi initially. I’m a bit hazy on that part, but at some stage Angela and Courtney arrived as well and lived together, apart from Jim. No one mentions divorces, but presumably they were divorced, and Jim and Eileen got together. Then, again I can’t quite remember how, it came to light that Angela was Eileen’s daughter, though neither of them knew that initially. Jim found that really hard to handle and split up with Eileen, but gradually they got back together again.

Yes, Courtney is (or was as she died in a car accident) Eileen’s granddaughter but also Jim’s daughter. Angela’s father is definitely not in Cwmderi, though I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he shows up one day. And no, I don’t think Eileen and Jim are married. There was some legal thing against a man marrying his previous mother-in-law, so they just decided to live together.

I must stop watching this programme! I know far too much about it! :scream:


Nope! You must carry on until us newbies know everything!! :rofl:


So who else thinks Sion is going to end up with the new family staying with him over Christmas? And that Anita will have a sulk about it … like she does about everything at the moment.


Isn’t Anita’s house empty? And she has that amazingly done, cheap and quick loft conversion now. Yes, she will sulk. But who says anything about ‘over Christmas’. These are new characters and they are not going to pass through Cwmderi for a couple of weeks before staying on the coast. They will be in Anita’s house for ever and, of course, the father will be working for Garry. Well that’s my version of events. We also now know what Gwyneth is up to, she is going to have a great laugh winding DJ around her fingers getting him to do all sorts of things he shouldn’t be.


Or Anita begrudgingly moves in with Sion and they have her place? Give her a proper chance to pout.
It certainly seems that they will have to end up in the cwm - Morawel is too far away for them to be involved in day-to-day business. Nice to see Mali Harries!


I think it is … when she’s actually staying with Sion and not sulking in her own house, so you could be right - or she might make Sion move in with her and let them stay in his house on their own.

@cat-1 yes, and I recognise the father too … what was he in? Gwaith/Cartre I think


Just found him ar y we - I recognised him too, but from Stella. Aled Pugh!


Anita is really quite an unpleasant person and I can’t understand how the character that is Sion White, tolerates her tantrums and demands. That’s the trouble with soap land, the only consistent thing is that there is no consistency! People’s lives and personalities can change seemingly overnight!!


Seeing as his previous partner was Britt, I don’t think a lot of his taste in women. Neither of them seem particularly suited to him!


But Dee, as the PyC oracle here, didn’t he say he had three boys in the last episode or so. Two have been seen by me but who is the third and who were their mother(s)?


Well, Sion was married to someone who died before I started watching. They had 3 sons - Max, the oldest, who was was with Sioned at one stage and is the father of Ffion’s daughter from when he took advantage of her while she was an alcoholic; Iolo, the plumber; and Huw, who ran away to join a weird religious cult and married very young to another cult member.


You’re forgetting Gwyneth Dee!!
None of it makes sense :woman_shrugging:


O yes, I had forgotten Gwyneth, though I never really thought of them as ‘together’. It was all just another Gwyneth plot - mainly to get back at Max for dumping her. There we go, another relationship that went from one generation to the other!


I’ve started watching this recently to help with my Welsh, I watch it with the English subtitles, and am getting sucked into it, so I’ve been reading through this thread to try to discover what has happened before I joined it. I’m still laughing at the complexity and ridiculousnessof it all. Someone on here said that they watch the programme with the Welsh subtitles, and I thought it was a great idea and would like to give it a go, but I’ve got so caught up in the plot, I’m afraid I might miss something if I did that. :open_mouth: Maybe when I’m a bit more proficient.


Hi, it is a great way to understand the differences in the way people speak. It will depend on your level on how much of the sub-titles you use. Until recently I could almost understand nothing without sub-titles but now watch without them. If you have time why not just listen to an episode without sub-titles at all, be a little infuriated about how little is understood, then have a go at the Welsh sub-titles and then the English. Perhaps not every episode but now and again. PyC is one of my core ways of learning.


What a good idea. I shall give that a go, and work up to no subtitles. Afterall listening to the Welsh, before I got involved in the plot, was the reason for watching it in the first place, and if I watch it on catch up I can’t download the subtitles anyway, so it will stop me cheating. Thanks. :grin:


Hi, not sure exactly what you mean by ‘download’ for sub-titles but they are generally available on catch up for PyC and a lot of other programmes if you use Clic S4C instead of iPlayer.


Oh, I’ve been using iPlayer and couldn’t make the subtitles appear. I’ll try Clic S4C. Thanks.