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Anyone watching Pobol Y Cwm? Rownd a Rownd? New Hangout to discuss soaps 🎬


No, I think that would be beyond even Angela … it would be too awful


Mmmmmmm :thinking:


I think Dee is right. However, nothing to stop Jim and Eileen thinking she did something and further spoiling their relationship with Angela.
The Jason storyline is very good, though in a year, he may be back in the fold - I like the Sandra bit of the story, I suppose we have all been expecting something to happen from month’s ago.


Can anyone tell me what the story is between Sioned, Angela and Ed, please? I didn’t start watching it until whatever went on had happened. It must have been something serious judging by last night’s episode. Is there anyone in Cwmderi that hasn’t tried to kill, had affair with or has some dark secret linked with one of the other charactors. I’m glad I don’t live there. :smile:


Can anyone explain how Cadno and Eileen are related, please? I read earlier in the forum that Cadno and Sioned are cousins in some way, but I’ve heard (well, read in the English subtitles!) Eileen refer to Cadno as her family, when, for example she excludes Efion. Diolch :slight_smile:
Also, I think the Jason storyline is extremely well done and the actor portrays his dilemmas and desperation beautifully.


I’m starting to forget some of the details now, but Ed and Angela were together at once stage, before they knew that Angela was Eileen’s daughter and therefore Sioned’s sister. That broke up (as pretty much every relationship on PyC does) and eventually Ed got together with Sioned. They were about to get married, but just a day or so before, Angela seduced him hoping to spoil things between him and Sioned. Sioned found out, but went ahead with the marriage then used every opportunity she had to bully and abuse Ed. He can now see Angela trying to destroy his relationship with Kelly, so that’s why she he’s so angry with her.

I’m not sure but yes, I think Cadno and Sioned are cousins. They both used to refer to an older lady in the family as ‘Aunty Marian’ and I got the impression that they were both related to her somehow.


I’m hoping the new Parrys stay normal. They’re a breath of fresh air after all the intrigues with everyone else.


I shouldn’t think there’s much chance of that!


When they first arrived and the ‘boys’ were getting a little too interested I think the father said something like ‘what happened before can’t happen again’ and the girl said that it was all behind her… So, possibly not normal.


I think the dad said something about her having been ill and nearly losing her…


Um, perhaps I should go back to using sub-titles!!


Diolch Dee. I think that Cadno must be younger than I thought. I always thought she was Eileen’s generation (I thought I picked up a curious power dynamic in her relationship with Efion), but I’m guessing she’s closer in age to Sioned. No offence to the actor who plays Cadno, btw. :flushed: I think she’s excellent.


I think they deliberately make the ages rather ambiguous and vague so that almost anyone can have a relationship with anyone else!

Eifion has 2 children with Cadno and they’ve had an off and on again relationship for quite a while, but it broke up permanently when it was revealed that he’s bisexual. He also had a fling with Sioned while he was with Cadno, so there’s not a lot of love between the two cousins, and he was with Angela for a while as well, who is Sioned’s sister. Talk about keeping it in the family!


Trying to get onto the wavelength of the writers of PyC I wondered what would be best for the storyline re: Angela and Ed. It looks like Angela was murdered by Ed and her body will be found when the bulldozers start. On the other hand, what if she survived and comes back to haunt Ed. Just a thought.


Ed was very careful to pack Angela’s bag and chuck it in the hole while wearing gloves but didn’t mind playing with her phone without gloves and without even deleting the picture of him snogging Gaynor. Very slack.


I hope you’re not intimating anything about our chats on the Welsh Speaking Practice site!! :grin: :wink: :rofl: :joy:


I’m sure that during your slack chats you could come up with a better plan to murder someone than Ed did. :wink:


Yeah it’s a sad development in the storyline, I think. Ed has always seemed such a thoroughly decent guy, or at least he has been whilst I’ve been watching. But I suppose it’s the unspoken law of soaps that sooner or later virtually everyone has to be dragged down to the lowest level.


Well, possibly!! Apart from the last person he murdered and his attack on Gwyneth!


Yes, a thouroughly decent guy but this (if she’s dead) is his second victim. The first time he let a good mate of his (Marc Jones) take the jail time rather than own up to it.