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Anyone watching Pobol Y Cwm? Rownd a Rownd? New Hangout to discuss soaps 🎬


OK fair enough, I didn’t have all that backstory. Which I suppose is another law of soaps - never judge anything on current appearances, especially when it’s one like PyC which goes back decades.


I was thinking the same - really stupid and bound to come out in the end.


I haven’t seen it for a few months, looking at the comments I fear I’m lost with the story.


I’ve been watching every episode for a couple of years now and I am lost with the story too!! So don’t worry and any questions will be answered by someone here. I find it great for learning but the storylines can be just a little irritating.


Understatement of the year right there!


I’ve only recently started watching Pobl Y Cwm so maybe someone could fill me in. Why did Ricky get kicked out of the Parry’s house? Something to do with his ex-girlfriend?


No one knew of his relationship with Courtney when they were going out. She was Angela and Jim’s daughter but she was killed when she crashed into a scaffold. After she had died they and Ricky found out that she was pregnant. Mr Parry lost it because he heard that he got his ex pregnant so he kicked Ricky out!! I think there has been something else going on with the Parry’s daughter in the past which has made her father so protective.


I’m confused. Angela is Eileen’s daughter. Eileen has just had a baby,with Jim, who is Angela’s ex husband. Angela and Jim are the parents of Courney who died in a car crash, but was old enough to go out with Ricky and become pregant herself. My maths might not be up to much but they would all have to have had their children at 16, and Eileen would be at least 48 giving birth. Have I got this wrong?


All correct. I think Eileen is over 50 (I am sure I heard 53). Courtney would now be 18 or so (I think she may have been 15 or 16 when she died, possibly a little older). So, with your understanding of the relationships and the ages of Courtney and Eileen everything should make perfect sense!! Others may wish to pitch in with greater accuracy but this is about it I think.


She was learning to drive, so what would that make her? 17, or coming up to 17? I’m not sure what the age rules are for learning in the UK, but she and Ricky were both still in school.

Also, Eileen had Angela when she was still young and single and gave her up for adoption, so possibly she was only around 17 or 18 or so when she had her.

And I have to say that I’m really going off Ed in a big way!


… and now I am even beginning to like Garry! Everything changes.


I can’t imagine ever liking Gwyneth though :wink:


But Gwyneth does speak beautiful Welsh, I think! My least favourites at the moment are still Eileen and Jim. That business with the blanket really bothered me for some reason, and she just seems to pick and chose which child to disown on a bit of a whim.

Brenda is very irritating but I’m hoping she might be one of those characters who calms down a bit after a while. I’m quite enjoying the rest of the new family. I heard Mali Harries on Bore Cothi the other day - I didn’t realise she also plays Natasha in the Archers. I don’t think they’ve said if Natasha is Welsh speaking, but she and Tom did get matching tatoos with “hiraeth” (seemed a bit of an odd choice but there you go). So that’s three soaps I’m now following, POC, R&R and the Archers!


I’ve liked Garry since I first started watching, apart from when he was treating Dani and Carol (now Seren) so shamefully of course.


Ooh so am I! :grin:


He has been despicable towards Dani in the past. She was originally with his brother, Brandon, but Gary treated her like dirt. Brandon died in a fire that was started by the lovely Gwyneth, after he thought Dani was in there and rushed in to try and save her.


Haven’t watched it for years but got into it for a while in the 90s. I seem to remember they did some kind of special subtitling aimed at learners. Anyone know if they still do that?


Hubby and I sit down for our regular omnibus episode on a Sunday evening. Recognising and picking up a lot of the language even though we have the sub-titles on. The story line is a complete laugh but we love it.


Oh, thanks @Deborah-SSi, I didn’t know that. I began watching the night Ed ran away, I think Sioned fell down the stairs?
I’m noticing lots of words and phrases I’ve learned over the last 7 weeks being used in PyC, which always makes me smile.


The Sunday omnibus has automatic English subtitles but it does perhaps mean you have to watch it then read forum thread… Otherwise subtitles should be possible to add as you watch each episode.