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Anyone watching Pobol Y Cwm? Rownd a Rownd? New Hangout to discuss soaps 🎬


Ohhhh I didn’t know that about brandon. I always wondered who he was.


The only sane one in the family :joy:


A little something to whet your appetite for tonight …


And it is only programmed for the normal 20 minutes rather than the double ones we occasionally get. This is going to be a roller coaster of an episode if they have to fit in Ed explaining why his mobile phone has a crack on the screen, how to tell Kelly her worksurface has a couple of scratches on it, how Ed is actually going to get to the church without trying to kill anyone who is seen sending a message on their phone and how he is going to joke with Sion that the poem was really quite good and not why he stormed out. Then the programme makers have to take time to show endless shots of Angela’s feet or hands walking around the village without showing her face to maintain the mystery and, when she walks into the church at the crucial moment, how the camera person manages to film the reaction of nearly everyone who has an interest plus the mayhem that is going to take place when Angela points her finger at Ed and shouts ‘Llofrudd’ when technically, on this occasion, he isn’t because, well, she is there. Anyway, I have booked my seat already, told the kids that I am not available at 8.00pm for the twenty minutes of the programme and for the rest of the evening in order to recover.


Okay, now I know why I don’t write scripts for soap operas!


Well at least you got the return of Angela right! The fact that no-one had found the body did make me wonder…


Laughing out loud at your comment re Ed and people seen sending phone messages! :rofl: Very true!
Do you think that Kelly is making a mistake? I think she’s such a good-hearted woman who deserves more.


I think Ed comes across as a really nice bloke apart from, of course, his tendency to want to murder people. I feel so sorry for Kelly as it will all come out and she will be completely devastated - probably enough for her to leave the show. Not sure if Ed will be convicted as he simply needs to deny everything and there isn’t any real evidence around. It is a shame that the video of him and Gaynor will resurface when he should have been honest with Kelly about it right at the start and he will have avoided all of this.


I’ve really gone off him. I don’t like spineless characters. Some of the stronger ones, e.g. Britt, drive me insane, but at least you know where she stands on things.
Funny story line with Dai and the chest waxing though :rofl:


The storyline around Britt’s mental health problems have been a bit of a slow burner and I am still quite unsure about the possible diagnosis. Tonight’s episode was real drama and fun to watch which probably isn’t the admission I should be making as the topic is serious. It will be interesting to know what happens from here on but I hope this will be educational as well as entertaining. What is clear though is that Britt can act!

Does anyone with some understanding of such issues think this is being handled well or badly?


Cytuno yn llwyr. Donna Edwards (I had to look up her name, I’m not a geek) seems to be one of the best on the show imo. Straight, comedy, emotional, she’s got it all.

Eileen Probert on the other hand …:roll_eyes: :grin:


I’m finding Britt’s storyline very plausible indeed. I agree that she is a superb actor. What I can’t understand is Garry’s attitude. Surely he would think of involving mental health workers as an emergency? It seemed to me that her exit from y Deri suggested she’s a danger to herself. I hope I’m wrong.
She could do with some counselling to help her realise how devious Neville really was and that she’s not responsible for his actions.
In other news! I knew Kelly would soon be unhappy and it’s very hard to watch. And I’m cheering Fion! She deserves some fun imo. I love the way that Rhys continually smiles. :grin:


I think Britt’s story is being done pretty well. I suspect they will have taken a lot of advice, and I know they were delighted when they won a Mind media award a few years back for Iolo’s OCD storyline (my boss at the time was there and met the cast but this was before I picked up Cymraeg again and started watching!).

Poor Kelly, anyone else think they are also setting her up for some health problems, my money’s on an ectopic pregnancy.

If facebook is representative, I am alone in quite liking the new family, but not the gran, although the main thing about her that annoys me is the use of her mobility scooter which she so clearly doesn’t need. I hope she gets pulled up on that.


I’m with you there Kate, though the gran is sort of growing on me. It irritated me a little when she was in Llandysul but the researchers didn’t do their job properly, e.g. Tess coming to visit her gran as she was in Llandysul going to the dentist! Since when has there been a dentist in Llandysul? :laughing:


I think Garry is acting like many would in trying to ignore what is happening and certainly avoiding the mental health issue. The other issue is who do you contact in situations such as this as mental health services are stretched. If she won’t cooperate then she hasn’t reached the stage of being sectioned. The only route would be for Gaynor so see this as a child protection issue and get social workers involved. All very difficult, you’d ideally want to be on holiday or in prison to avoid all of this!


I think this is going to be awful for Kelly. Not sure if they will follow a current topic or a new one such as ectopic pregnancies but she really is not going to cope with anything when she finds out about Ed. This will be enough for her to leave the show I reckon.


Yeah, I was thinking something similar. I don’t know how different ectopic pregnancies can be but my wife suffered one and was being operated on within a few hours of the first signs of pain. We’ll see how it pans out.


I think the Britt story is being portrayed quite well. Colin recognises that she needs help but now feels helpless in his current situation. After their upbringing, I think Gary is very reluctant to get Dr’s/social services involved for fear of misguided reprisals and so will endeavour to cope. This is true of a great number of families. Britt obviously needs professional help and the school may well be the ones to instigate the process by way of child protection issues.
I really hope, for the sake of sense and public education that in view of Britt’s move to stay with Gary and Dani, the writer’s will not just let the storyline peeter out. I hope that Britt will be shown to get the professional help and support that she needs. To have a storyline where she just returns to normal would be wrong and send out totally the wrong message.
As for Kelly, Ed and Angela well, it’s all gone a bit far I think. I have been thinking that Kelly is pregnant but how the writers will choose to play that I’m not sure. Kelly may well go on to have a ruptured ectopic which is extremely serious. And now, we have Ed committing self harm with half a brick in order to fake a robbery so he can buy back his wife’s rings and pay Angela off. Please!! Too much Pobl y Cwm!!


Yes, I may have to stop watching it again. It’s just got too far-fetched now.


It was kinda obvious Angela wouldn’t accept 10k as enough money. I think if Ed isn’t too badly injured he might tell Kelly what actually happened although who knows what will happen then.