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Anyone watching Pobol Y Cwm? Rownd a Rownd? New Hangout to discuss soaps 🎬


Well, I’m still here watching it because I want to see how they handle Britt’s illness. Aron is turning into a great little actor, and I’m enjoying seeing Cassie back again. Any bets on who they’ll have to use the defib machine on first? One of the gin ladies perhaps? Megan or Mam-gu Parry?


I’m totally with you on this @Deborah-SSi.
My guess for the defib is Dai during one of his outbursts or Megan.


Just watched the 2nd April showing of Celwydd Noeth. The second pair of contestants - what was that about??


Are people still watching? I’m both hooked and deeply skeptical but it definitely makes good daily listening practice. I can’t quite bear to watch last night’s yet as it looks like Ed’s agonised expressions are back. I’ve found to be a helpful learning tool - someone takes the time to summarise each episode in English so I can watch without subtitles and then check the blog to see if I was on the right track!


Yes, still watching, hooked and skeptical too but a good way to keep up. Now I always watch first time without sub-titles but have to ‘cheat’ a few times if I don’t get the meaning. I was lost completely when Tesni said “duvet day ifi heddi”, I got the last bit but just couldn’t work out the first!!


I got a bit behind (still 2 to catch up) but I wasn’t expecting to find parallels between Ed and Jon Snow - wonder what the crossover viewing figures are?

I do think it’s a shame the Britt storyline (done pretty well in my opinion) is being mixed up with Ed/Kelly/Angela. I’m considering taking a break from PYC over the summer when Rownd a Rownd stops and re-claiming that 20mins a day for reading.


I agree, having two really strong story lines does kind of water the impact down somewhat.


If @KateM is reading this without having seen the next two episodes of PyC then, to stop a spoiler, she shouldn’t read on.

I am surprised from the viewpoint of viewing figures to have both stories running at the same time as you would expect them to try to keep the stories apart to spread the interest. However, they do join up which I didn’t expect even though it was pretty obvious in hindsight. A real ‘cliff hanger’ yesterday though!!


Goes away… catches up…

Right I’m back. Yes a cliffhanger, and a fair amount of eye rolling on my part. I guess there will now be a week’s break? For the Urdd Eisteddfod? Which means perhaps we’ll be watching the next episode together in Caernarfon!


Ah, some logic in the various cliffhangers then, here we all are (well me anyway) desperate to know what happens and already booked the seat I will be sitting in in Ty Castell in Caernarfon to watch it.


Haha. I watched it to help with my learning too. The plots were so ridiculous I never thought I’d carry on watching. Guess what, I’m so sucked in I cant switch off the subtitles in case I miss something!


Anyone around to discuss the drugs ridiculousness?? I do wonder why I watch this nonsense!


Not sure about the drugs thing but I thought Gwyneth was going to leave with Garry’s money and Gwern too, not sure how its going to work out with them as Garry can’t let go of so much money, particularly as he has already paid £10,000 on her behalf to get Gwern back.
I still find it very useful for my Welsh though as 18,19 mins is about right and the story does move forward at a pace so lots of interaction going on. My heart sinks when it is a double episode, far too long, but I find I can’t watch it in two separate stretches. PyC is also a bit of a benchmark for my Welsh though some episodes I pretty much get everything and then, at other times, I really seem to struggle with everything.


I agree Peter, and that’s a good reminder about why I watch it! I agree on the double episodes being a bit much. I’m annoyed that they’re trashing all the happy couples at the moment, and just confused that apparently all the drug stuff has been going on with apparently no-one noticing at all.

I am proud that I can often follow(ish) what’s going on without English subtitles although I sometimes need to whack them on or catch up with Cwmderi diary. I find if I watch with the subtitles I don’t take in the Welsh at all.


OH. NO. HE. DIDN’T!!! What the heck was he thinking!?


OH. YES. HE. DID!!! I don’t know why but I feel far more for Iolo than for Jason. The Jason story may be over (we shall see) but the Iolo/Tyler one is going to become big. At first I thought they might be stereotyping gay relationships but then realised this is a soap opera and everyone in the village must have an affair at some point - some will be more damaging than others.


I’d be interested to know on what grounds Kath thinks Debbie can divorce Mark !


I love PyC, I started watching it about 2 months back and am hooked now! The actors were on welsh radio earlier which was useful for me having some sort of clue about what’s beings discussed on the radio.

Haven’t seen tonight’s but I kept wondering why Debbie doesn’t just tell Mark about Kath blackmailing!

Also did anyone think tesni was so weird in her reaction to sioned after their little chat about the drugs?! Is there a backstory with tesni and drugs?!!


I’m not a PyC watcher, but did you know that last week’s episodes were written by Manon Steffan Ros?


Yes that would be the commonsense thing to do, but as has often been observed before, commonsense doesn’t seem to apply in soapland. They need to keep panning these threads out or I suppose they wouldn’t have a storyline.