Anyone watching Pobol Y Cwm? [SPOILER ALERT!]


I’m just the same. I started watching Pobol Y Cwm to practice and pick up some more Welsh. And now I’m hooked…I live in Scotland too! :slight_smile:


Blimey Gethin and Sheryl didn’t wrestle with their consciences for very long, did they?

It’s nice to see a newborn baby that actually looks newborn - the last two (Ifan and Greta) seemed to be about 6 months old from the outset! Mind you it might have felt a bit more realistic if Danny had appeared without full on make up for one day at least.

New titles!


Sometimes watching PyC I have to check that I haven’t missed any episodes as some of the stories appear from nowhere like the Gethin and Sheryl one. Yes, I thought the same thing about Carol (or whatever name Danni decides to use) so nice to see a new born baby.


I know! And I gather (though I wasn’t watching it back then) that they (Gethin and Sheryl) were nearly married once before, but Gethin’s wife appeared at the last minute and ruined the party… These people are complicated!


Ah yes, I remember that now. I had a feeling that Gethin and Sheryl were an item at one stage. That Sheryl really annoys me. She can’t stay faithful to anyone for more than 5 minutes!


I only started watching at the stage where she was struggling with her alopecia, and was certainly more inward looking than she is now - I had no idea that she was quite so generous with her affections. Not just her though - they all seem easily swayed!
Lesson one of soapland - be very careful not to accept any kind of emotional support, or pour your heart out, particularly whilst sitting on a sofa (that did the trick for Matthew and Dani and Gary and Sioned), lest you end up having to smoulder awkwardly for days to come…


Well, after not watching much of Pobol over Christmas due to other commitments - a monumental effort from Lara and I over the last 3/4 days have reduced the amount of episodes on our Sky+ from 20 down to 7.

The one thing I would say with Pobol Y Cwm, is that they do have a tendency to kind of “give away” the storylines, as soon as they start developing - very little happens that isn’t a total suprise!

As soon as Gethin and Sheryl started speaking, it was blatently obvious they’d end up having a litle cheat. :D:D


I do wonder if, when PYC can’t think up any new storylines, they just have Sheryl moving on to yet another man…miaow miaow! Watch out Dai, even your time may come :wink:

Has anyone noticed the new titles? I like seeing the shot of the fields again.


I thought I would mention the sain disgrifio that is available as a button next to the sub-titles on PyC via Clic. Probably everyone knows about it but, just in case… Basically if you click on this you get about 10% more spoken Welsh as all movements are described and the Welsh is probably 150% more understandable than any of the characters!! Once I click on it my laptop does go into a bit of a wobble and seems to stop working but I just wait and it all comes back. Sorry if this is simply teaching people to suck eggs (now I wonder what that idiom would be in Welsh) but I find it useful and a bit of ongoing refreshment when I am struggling with accents and vocabulary.


Did anyone else notice baby Carol get called Greta when Dani and Gethin were talking?


This, apparently:

dweud pader wrth berson:dysgu pader i berson (am rywun llai profiadol yn) egluro i rywun mwy profiadol sut i gyflawni rhyw waith to teach your grandmother to suck eggs


An unusual case where the English version is actually more expressive! :slight_smile:


I wonder if I’m the only one REALLY hoping that Gary turns out to be the father after all. I feel so sorry for Dani, and Matthew is putting so much pressure on her he deserves to be disappointed. I only hope he doesn’t then turn round and tell Gary about their little fling out of spite!


And he looks like he might start unravelling at the edges too, doesn’t he?

I’m hoping that it’s Gary too (mainly because he’s behaving impeccably with his supportive father routine, supportive friend routine, and hasn’t been monstrous for a while) and that when Matthew finds out, he will run far, far away…


Diolch byth!! Dani is off the hook, and Sheryl is starting to see sense … though yes, it does look like Matthew is unravelling. He still might spill the beans to Gary.


Why did Dani actually give the test result paper to Matthew?

What a fool! Now he’ll go home, get drunk, fall asleep and leave it on the settee for Vicky to find! (and then tell everyone).

AAARGGGHH So frustrating! I was literally screaming at the TV when she gave it to him.


Worse, Vicky will find the paper and, after a while when she realises how much debt she is in to whatshername, start blackmailing Dani about it. Not sure if Matthew and Vicky will stay together but my money would be that they would as the writers probably feel they need some nasty characters working together as everyone else seems to be starting to get so nice.


Are you a writer on the show? As that kind of seems very plausible - especially after Dani offered Matthew as much money as he needed to leave her alone a week ago.


Yes, I can imagine that happening too. Poor Dani. Things never seem to work out for her. It seems a long time ago that she was walking about happily with her silly dog tucked under her arm and living with Brandon, Gary’s brother!

Anyone is addicted to Pobol y Cwm?

So, does Non go through with the operation? I am guessing yes. However, after going on about it for so long is something going to go wrong…?


Waiter , some bromide for Sher and Geth please !