Anyone watching Pobol Y Cwm? [SPOILER ALERT!]


That hospital only has one corridor doesn’t it? Must make finding your way about a bit easier.
Felt very sorry for Non (apart from her post op calamity) because when she woke up, no one was there! Give an organ away at considerable emotional strain to yourself and when you wake up, your family are gracing the other bedside!
Matthew is starting to make me wince, and I want to give Gary a good talking to about his previous behaviour with Sioned (but I wouldn’t dare).[quote=“Richard636363, post:200, topic:7941, full:true”]
Waiter , some bromide for Sher and Geth please

No arguments from me - is Bromide fast acting? :joy:


Hello everyone! I am doing a feature about how important of Pobol y Cwm to practicing Welsh language. Anyone wanna share their stories with me?


I live in London and Pobol y Cwm is my, out of evening class, way of trying to speak Welsh. I use the Welsh sub-titles and sain disgrifio to add extra (and easier) words. My view is that I will have cracked Welsh when I understand PYC (unfortunately a long way off). Sometimes I watch it without sub-titles and understand almost nothing and sometimes I understand more. I usually understand most of the sub-titles but some times I don’t (I tried to work out if it was the author that was different but that was inconclusive). PYC gives me my 20 mins a day of Welsh that I stick to because I like the programme. Without it I would be lost. I even considered setting up a PYC group here in London to discuss the programme and the words to spur some of us learners on.


Hey, shall we have a private talk about your story on PYC, like email or telephone? Could you tell me more about your experience?


Sorry if it’s somewhere else on here but can’t find it. Is anyone watching Pobl? I really want to know what Gwynedd thinks she’s doing? DJ can’t go down for an unprovable rape? I’m hooked but it seems ridiculous. Have I missed some back story from ages ago?


you might want to check out this thread, Roger -


Thanks for that but it’s not up-to-date.


You can just add your latest thoughts to the end of that thread and it will get going again. It’s easier to keep things in one thread if people are searching for it later on :slight_smile:


Gwyneth is a deceitful, nasty character who has a fixation on Sioned. She was jealous of the friendship between DJ and Sioned and she is determined to destroy that. Yes, it is a ridiculous plot and I want to shout at Sioned for being so gullible when Gwyneth has been horrible to her in the past, but that’s soapies for you! :slight_smile:


Surely the results will show DJ is innocent? Unless Gwyneth has been really nasty.


Well, that’s what I thought … but then there was that silly phonecall where Sioned was told that they aren’t going to do the tests UNLESS she accuses DJ, which doesn’t seem right to me. Surely that wouldn’t be standard procedure?


Yes because DJ has been accused already? Unless Gwyneth has interfered in a way that we don’t know about yet?


Soapland ethics are such a massive minefield aren’t they? Seeing as Gwyneth has done really awful things to all of those characters, why did they even let her in to the party?
These people need to learn how to hold a good solid grudge!
At least Non didn’t stand for it.
About to catch up with the rest of the story now…


Have watched next one along - Gwyneth never fails to disappoint does she?
Why on earth does Vicki believe a word she says?
Poor DJ…


The Sionned DJ thing will surely end with somebody finding the photo’s taken on Gwyneths phone, hopefully Non.
Elsewhere has Chester got a crush on Tyler?


I think it might be the other way around…


I cringe every time I watch some of the stories on Pobol y Cwm, they are so ridiculous and totally unbelievable mostly.

OMG, I am writing this when the current episode is on, must go, can’t miss it as I have to watch it live before I see it again on catch up tomorrow…


I’m with you! I think I should take up my late auntie’s habit of keeping a soft foam brick next to my chair so I can throw it at the screen. If I hear Eileen promise Jim “no more secrets” one more time … :scream:


Ah yes you have to really suspend disbelief, or else just enjoy rolling your eyes. The best one at the moment is Eileen and Cadno swopping living AND working arrangements in just one week. Running a farm and a shop are pretty much interchangeable right? And every house and flat has a flexible and unspecified number of bedrooms to accomodate whoever moves in. So many of them are tiny downstairs I think they must have 6 floors.

Does anyone think the wedding will go ahead? The actor who plays Hywel was on Bore Cothi one morning this week. I didn’t know that he’d been married three times before (and until last night had no idea one of them was Gaynor) and also that Sheryl had been with Garry at one time. If they did ban any previous partners from the wedding there would be literally no-one there.

Having said that, I thought the actor said on the radio that Hywel had had 27 relationships since he joined but surely that can’t be right?


Apparently he was Cwmderi’s ladies man at one point, so maybe! Although it’s quite hard to find 27 people in Cwmderi, let alone eligible women! Maybe that’s why they have all been round the block so many times…

I know! 48 bedrooms, hall not wide enough for two people to stand side by side! And no one seems to have a loo. :confounded: