Anyone watching Pobol Y Cwm? [SPOILER ALERT!]


With friends like Gethin …


Here’s something I saw on twitter half an age ago, I don’t know how accurate it is now but I hope it helps.


OK, I can see a link that’s missing. Siôn is now with Anita, but the rest looks pretty accurate from what I remember :smile:

Though I didn’t know Gary had ever been with Gaynor! And looking at the number of connections he’s had, he’s definitely the worst!


This was on twitter a fair few months ago, it took me ages to find it on twitter again. Well spotted.


Siôn and Anita are an easy fix too being right next to each other anyway. :grinning:


There is also Gwyneth and Macs, and I’m sure someone told me that Anita and DJ had a fling once?

Quite a few are new to me though, Sara and Sion?!

Poor Esther being abandoned for two weeks so that Hywel and Sheryl can try and work it out! Come on guys, she’s nearly always asleep or playing quietly in her room anyway!

And Gethin, what can we say? Poor Ffion. (based on Monday, haven’t seen last night’s yet)


Gwyneth is properly doing my head in now. Plîs get caught in a spectacular way.


I keep feel like shouting “she’s behind you” or “watch out Gwyneth’s about”


Me too. I have in mind several versions of crushing demise for that woman.


Poor DJ.


Ah yes, though that seemed to be more a Gwyneth plot to get revenge on Siôn than an actual relationship. I remember DJ having a thing for Anita when he first arrived on the scene - he fancied older women - but I can’t remember it actually going anywhere.

And I was dying for Gwyneth to be caught out by Sara and Diane! How long are they going to keep us in agony?


Quite! She’s going to some lengths, isn’t she? I wonder if anyone will notice that the pictures were put on his computer whist he was with a lot of other people in the pub, or will PYC logic strike, leaving DJ further in the hot tar?


Well, considering Gwyneth miraculously saw his password when every software I’m aware of only shows asterisks as someone’s typing, PyC is obviously very prepared to dispense with anything approacthing reality!


I haven’t watched PyC for probably a couple of years, and am completely completely lost having started again with last Thursday’s. Who where what why now? What has happened between Sionned and DJ? What else have I missed?

Dee - it’s fairly easy to read passwords off the keyboard as they’re typed by a slow typist, isn’t it?


Exactly! What is she? Stealthy ninja KGB?
Wasn’t it lucky that she found DJ’s laptop so easily too?


It can be, but I didn’t think she could see his hands on the keyboard from where she was. She appeared to be more looking at the screen.

As for what has happened, I’d be here writing a novel, and I need to get back to bwtcamp. I’ll leave that up to others :smile:


Sioned, DJ, Gwyneth etc all got blotto and Sioned went to bed, as did DJ with nothing happening between them. However, Gwyneth touched Sioned and took photographs of her in bed. Gwyneth, being Gwyneth, put the thought in everyone’s heads that DJ had raped Sioned, presumably so that she could get Sioned for heself. In PYC land everyone believed it even though there was no evidence. The police were involved but they decided not to proceed. Things had cooled a bit and Sioned knew something had happened but didn’t think it was DJ which has caused Gwyneth to raise the bar and put the pictures she took on DJ’s laptop and will, presumably, tell the police.

One of the good things about PYC is that you end up learning words that you would never thought you would need such as, in this case, the serious issue of rape.

Conscious that as I write this there may be several other PYC’ers all going to send you a variation on this story.


Thank you kindly.
I’m reminded now of why I stopped watching - that some of the characters are so irredeemably unpleasant!


In case any of you super fans miss this on the ‘Gigs’ thread…

BBC Studios Wales, Roath Lock, Cardiff Bay CF10 4GA
Pobol y Cwm Tours
04 Aug - 10 Aug 2018
Free but ticketed
Come and enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour of the Pobol y Cwm set and learn more about how the programme is made. So why not join us at BBC Studios Wales in Cardiff Bay for a first-hand television experience? We look forward to welcoming you to Cwmderi.
Please read the following important information before booking your ticket(s).
Every guest must bring photo ID (e.g. Passport, Driving licence). There are also restrictions on what you can bring with you. You may bring small bags including handbags (under 40cm x 35cm x 19cm - approximately the size of an A3 sheet of paper).
Backpacks, large bags, rucksacks and shopping bags are not allowed on the tour. We do not have cloakroom facilities, so please do not bring these bags with you.
Please arrive no later than 15 minutes before your tour time, to allow for all security checks to take place. Guests will be subject to a person and bag search.
The tour will last over an hour and will involve a certain amount of walking and standing. It’s suitable for wheelchairs.
The BBC reserves the right to cancel tours for operational reasons and in these circumstances no alternative dates will be given.
Please make sure all children under 16 have a ticket and are accompanied by an adult, we won’t be able to allow them in otherwise.

Follow link below to book.

Pobol y cwm at Tafwyl. How exciting!

Fantastic! I couldn’t go the last time it was available so I’ll make sure to go this time.

Perhaps if others that want to go could post here when would be the best day and time for them, we could try to have an SSiW group together?